Skin care company finds anti-aging answer could bee in venom

By Pooja Kondhia

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Skin care company finds anti-aging answer could bee in venom
New Zealand-based Manuka Doctor has utilized bee venom as the main ingredient in its anti-aging, cleansing and moisturizing products due to its anti-bacterial properties.

The company uses purified bee venom (PBV) which contains a combination of minerals, peptides and amino acids, which boost cell regeneration and collagen production, according to the company.

“When applied to the skin it encourages the body to react in a similar way to as if it had been lightly stung, increasing the amount of blood to the affected area therefore stimulating collagen growth and cell renewal”,​ a company spokesperson told USA. “In turn, this helps counter wrinkle formation and reduce fine lines.”

Anti-bacterial properties

Upon conducting clinical trials undertaken by Dr Sang Mi Han and Dr Young Mee Yoon, the bee venom’s anti-bacterial properties were found.

Common bacteria found on the skin including P.acne, were sprayed with cosmetics containing bee venom.

“The bacteria growth was greatly reduced compared with the skin cells that did not get introduced to the bee venom”​ says Manuka Doctor.

The venom itself is extracted using a specialized glass surface known as the collector, which is placed alongside the gate of the hive, the company explains.

No bees were harmed

“A weak electrical current is run through the collector, which encourages the bees to gently sting the glass. As the bees are stinging a surface they cannot penetrate their abdomens remain intact – so they don’t die and remain unharmed.”

The bee venom is then dried, harvested and purified to remove any unwanted impurities such as soil, dust or pollen.

The company added that in working with local bee keepers, the bee hives are maintained with no antibiotic use and each batch of products is traceable back to the source hive.

Manuka Doctor has a total of four different product ranges which come under its umbrella term api-therapy which is the consumption and / or use of bee products, according to the company.

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