Research on keratin protein points to enhanced collagen expression

By Simon Pitman

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Keratin protein from sheep wool simulates the expression of specific types of collagen in humans, suggests new research conducted by the University of Miami that points to enhanced wound healing and anti-wrinkle treatment.

In an article published by the peer reviewed journal Experimental Dermatology, entitled “Wool-derived keratin stimulates human keratinocyte migration and types IV and VII collagen expression, keratin derived from New Zealand wool encouraged skin cell growth through the expression of these collagens.

One of the lead scientists behind the research, Dr. R Kelly, from the University’s Miller School of Medicine, underlined the protein’s potential wrinkle-fighting ability by stating: “previous research on skin appearance has shown that collagens IV and VII are degraded when wrinkles form in aging skin.”

Keraplast Technologies picks up on the research

Texas-based Keraplast Technologies, which markets a keratin protein-based products called Replicine Functional Keratin, has picked up on the research results and claims the study backs up marketing claims for skin wound repair and anti-aging applications.

 “Keraplast Technologies has undertaken significant medical research over many years,"  ​said chief executive officer Michael Espensen. “We believe peer review scientific publication to be the gold standard in validating new knowledge.”

The researchers believe that the study's findings could have significant implications for companies marketing a range of topical skin care products, from anti-wrinkle treatments, to anti-aging and anti-wrinkle treatments.

Faster wound relief

“This is a very significant finding”​ added Dr Robert Allen Smith, clinical director at Keraplast Technologies, who picked up on the report findings and has applied it to the companies product line.

“Patients and medical professionals caring for a wide range of chronic and acute wounds have seen faster and better healing resulting from the use of our Replicine Functional Keratin products for some time, and this excellent research explains how this technology is helping the skin create its own healthy structure”.

The wound healing properties of the protein point to a number of cosmetic applications, including over-the-counter wound-healing creams, together with the growing market for post cosmetic surgery topical products, to help prevent scar formation.

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