Millennial generation engage more and they want to prevent ageing


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Millennial generation engage more and they want to prevent ageing

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The growing influence from the millennial generation means that beauty care players need to ensure they are engaging people to deliver a unique experience. With this in mind, spoke with Verna Talcott at Dow Corning to discuss the effect this has on ingredients firms.

A generation that has always had the internet at its disposal and access to so much more information compared to previous generations, this means they are quite savvy when looking for cosmetics products.

Couple that with the era of HD TVs, high-res photos and crazes such as ‘selfies’ and photo sharing, and you have a group of people that want to look flawless, radiant, and younger than their age in person and online.

According to Talcott, this means they expect more from their products and greatly rely on recommendations of products from friends, family members, and especially through social media.

“Due to the power of social media, the consumers themselves have a much stronger voice and are able to readily sharing their own experience about products and the brands that they purchase,”​ the Global Strategic Marketing Leader tells

“Millenial women want to delay the appearance of ageing. So products that prevent, treat, and protect are important. Also, Millenial women view putting on make-up as fun and also an overall fun way to demonstrate self-expression and individuality.”

Tracking trends

In the past ingredients suppliers have sometimes struggled to see where they fit in certain digital platforms as they are generally consumer-led so consumers are more interested in cosmetics brands.

However we are now seeing suppliers utilise the information available to them through these platforms, and at Dow Corning Beauty Care there has been a focus on the Millennial generation and how they want to discover and have unique experiences when using their cosmetics. 

“They seek products that both deliver performance and multifunctional benefits for a longer lasting youthful look,”​ continues Talcott.

“And they also crave interactions with cosmetics and brands that provide an overall delightful experience. This means engaging Millennials in various ways prior to the consumer buying the product.”

Engagement may include digital platforms available through electronics via social media, videos, apps or providing the ability for consumers to trial products either in store or at home.


Talcott explains that Dow Corning continuously monitors the latest trends and has created programs like Sensory Escape, Trends Lab, on the back of this to initiate a creative spark for ideas of marketing stories and demonstrate how silicones can enable sensory aesthetics while also delivering multifunctional benefits that consumers are seeking. 

“In particular, our team brainstormed how we were going to address the expectations of the Millenials with the next set of prototype formulations,”​ she says.

“We shared ideas on the overall experience that we wanted to address for Millennials including the sight of the package to the experience and texture of the product in the bottle.”

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