'Glabra' - the 'go to' ingredient for face masks?

By Michelle Yeomans

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'Glabra' - the 'go to' ingredient for face masks?
As brands scramble to cater to Asia’s demand for a higher level of user experience in skin care, various brands have been investing in 'Glabra' – also known as golden collagen for face masks.

Upgraded simple and easy to use face mask treatments have been going down well with consumers in Asia for quite some time now, as they can promote whitening, lifting, moisturizing, anti-ageing benefits in a more affordable way.

The popularity of ‘sheet’ masks comprises of the hottest natural based ingredients from broccoli to deep sea water, charcoal and even snake venom extracts.

From bio-cellulose to silk, collagen gel and cotton lace, the Chinese market is particularly innovating fast.

Design creating difference among competitors 

Design has become the best way to create differences among competitors; such as 3D masks with a parted line in the centre in order to create face volume.

More companies are turning to mask membrane fabrics and materials to compete on the region, giving beauty buyers the option of customizing the texture of their mask, for example, according to their preference.

Glabra, also known as golden collagen; is reported to stimulate collagen production, deeply hydrate and increase elasticity in the skin.

China based JieBao Group, a specialist in paper, silk and fruit fiber masks is the latest brand to have heavily invested in the injection technology for oriental women.  

Complex and multi-layered

According to JieBao, this technology has allowed the brand to go beyond what the average face mask offers by weaving anti-bacterial, detoxification and dehumidification properties into its' fabric.

It reports that this can help with the decrease of pigmentation and to whiten and lubricate the skin, to restore it to a younger and healthier state.

The mask also features a 'special technology' of spun-lace, which promotes the sensation of warm insulation, "thereby reducing the sense of displeasure when used in low temperature environment." 

Over layering possibilities also increase the consumer’s perception of the benefits of the product, as if they were applying a double quantity of a serum for instance.

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