‘Digital natives’ approach fragrance consumption differently, so suppliers must adapt


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‘Digital natives’ approach fragrance consumption differently, so suppliers must adapt
Young millennials and Generation Z have grown up in a digital world and this means they approach fragrance consumption differently; meaning that in order to produce more targeted products for the consumer, suppliers need to stay on top of these trends.

That is the driving force behind German firm Symrise’s latest research exploring the lifestyles and fragrance preferences of younger consumers.

This saw it undertake its #GENYZ cross-category study of Millennials (Generation Y – 19-36 year olds, and Generation Z - kids under 18 years old), with a focus on their social media and purchasing habits, brand favourites, hopes, dreams and their fragrance preferences.

On the back of this study, and what the Holzminden-based company called ‘surprising’ findings, Symrise has developed five on-trend concepts with associated fragrances geared toward the younger generations.

Growing pains or gains?

It states that because this generation grew up with the internet, social media and smart devices, making them ‘digital natives’, their socialising, education, information gleaning and shopping behaviour differ considerably from that of earlier generations.

“#GENYZ is a highly interesting segment. Thanks to technology, young consumers are recalibrating various dimensions of fragrance consumption – purchase behaviour, moments of use, fragrance preferences and commitment to sustainability,”​ says Usha Vijay, Vice President, Marketing, Symrise, North America.

“Symrise strives to continually understand the consumption behaviour of this important demographic segment.”

Symrise says that the #GENYZ study demonstrates its expertise in understanding emerging demographics and then creating products geared toward them, positioning the company as an expert in the field.


For its consumer study, Symrise organised its US subsidiary to conduct research in four cities and introduced consumers to several visualised lifestyle concepts, preferences of the concepts, and olfactive associations were determined.

“We explored the young consumers’ preferences across a spectrum of categories. They are a fragrance-savvy, fun, yet responsible generation, interacting with each other in ways, much different from the other generations,”​ says Doreen Bucher, Vice President, Marketing, Fine Fragrance & Specialty Bath, North America.

“We are excited to share the process, findings and fragrances from this platform with our clients.” 

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