‘Having sun protection included in day care formulas is a good development’


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‘Having sun protection included in day care formulas is a good development’

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As high price prestige face cream contains SPF 15 protection and a suntan lotion claims to have anti-wrinkle activity on the other hand, this is all a good development according to Dr Karl Lintner, President, Kal’idees.

As the frontiers between product categories in Personal Care start to merge and influence one another, the blending of certain factors has become commonplace in the industry as the distinctions become less clear cut.

That is not to say that they have disappeared completely, according to Lintner, who tells CosmeticsDesign-Europe.com that “a product for the beach will always be recognized as such, even if it contains additional (anti-age, slimming, tanning or other) ingredients; and a face care cream with SPF 20 still remains in the bathroom.”

Dr Lintner says that it may become more difficult for market research companies to draw clear lines, but this will probably not be a concern for the consumer.

“I really don't know if this has a great effect on anything (other than market statistics becoming less precise,”​ he says.

“Consumers will know the difference, and having sun protection included in day care formulas is a good development.”

‘Opening up’ formulations

The decision from brands to incorporate SPF into face creams and make-up, and to claim moisturising and anti-wrinkle in sunscreen, began over ten years ago and has become a more mainstream practice more recently.

“I suppose ‘opening up’ the formulations to include new ingredients with new claims (both in the sun care and the face care segments) allows the marketer to better distinguish her formula from the competitor's,”​ continues Lintner.

“As usual we see ‘powerful anti-oxidants’, ‘DNA repair or protection’, protection against Infrared radiation on mitochondria etc...”

Lintner will focus on this subject in a workshop at the upcoming in-cosmetics event taking place in Paris on April 12-14 next year.

He will focus on the most recent and innovative ingredients in this category in two talks that will both take place as part of the educational programme at the show on day two (13 April).

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