Silicone features highly in production and on the shelves

By Natasha Spencer

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Silicone production and new products
With APAC consumers looking for new and improved formulations that take their favourite beauty applications through the day, into the night, producers and developers are upping their silicone usage.

Matching popular demand

Silicone is a leading synthetic element that is commonly found in a whole host of cosmetics and personal care products as it is known for providing that silky and shiny effect given to hair and the sweat-proofing characteristic of certain make-up items. It also features in anti-ageing products — a popular trend in the marketplace.

Mintel, the UK-based market research company, reported that pollution and sunscreen are two of the leading concerns for APAC consumers. Therefore, products that can offer this protection while optimising the quality of the skin's’ condition are highly favoured.

In their research, they identified that 38% of Chinese consumers stated that environmental factors such as pollution, UV rays and water quality have a significantly detrimental effect on hair and so 20% of Chinese consumers are opting for soap, bath and shower products that contain SPF - even if these are priced higher.

Consumers are also focusing on adding steps to their beauty and hair care routines throughout the day, and as such 44% of Chinese women are prioritising improving their skin’s condition.

Maximising production rates

Independent silicone producer, BRB, is upping production in the APAC region and has selected Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as an ideal location to focus its production efforts by opening a new manufacturing facility in its hub.

As such, the demands on formulators to serve these trends are growing, which BRB hopes to answer by understanding the latest in speciality silicones synthesis capabilities.

To further innovation in the silicones production arena, BRB last year expanded its R&D applications by establishing a new centre in The Netherlands.

Designed to further innovation and develop advanced new products and ingredients, the European company hopes to expand its product ranges in key technologies to expand its offering in the APAC markets including silicone emulsifier, waxes and resins.

Shaping cosmetics application

Analysing the market, Yahoo Finance has revealed that the APAC region continues to lead the production and demand of speciality silica  —  silicon dioxide, a particular chemical compound that contains silicon and is frequently used in cosmetics and personal care products. China, India, Japan, and South Korea are anticipated to be the core consumers of the mineral.

Manufacturers are not just using silicone in the production facility, but are instead, bringing it to the shelves for consumer applications too.

Following Molly Cosmetics’ launch of Silisponge, a silicone make up sponge marketed at high-quality application, late last year, US-based skin care creator, Sano Naturals, has now released its Silicone Makeup Sponge.

The company’s spokesperson has emphasised  how silicone makeup sponges are rapidly becoming a formidable beauty trend of 2017: “Online makeup and beauty bloggers on YouTube and Instagram have been creating tutorials on how to best use silicone makeup sponges to achieve their ideal makeup look, garnering millions of views in just a few short weeks.”

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