L’Oréal Australia and Circle In increase support for working parents

By Natasha Spencer

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L’Oréal Australia increases support for working parents through partnership with Circle In
The Australian arm of global personal care leader, L’Oréal Australia, teams up with Circle In to develop a new partnership.

In collaboration, L’Oréal Australia and the Australian company, Circle In, will strive to support working parents through a full programme.

Dedicated to “supporting working parents as they move through the parental leave journey and ultimately return to work”​, L’Oréal Australia revealed in a recent press release​ how, together, the beauty giant and Circle In will provide insights and advice on a number of relevant and timely topics.

Parent-focused programme

With personal care reaching far beyond product development into health and wellbeing and life stages — a key one being pregnancy and parenthood — the newly-launched programme, will cover considerations such as telling your manager your pregnant, preparing for the arrival or a child, the importance of a parental leave plan and staying connected through a support network.

Jodi Geddes and Kate Pollard, co-founders of Circle In, first set up the company in October 2017 in a bid to provide information and make help accessible to parents and employers to navigate parental leaver career support.

Through features including a customised portal, manager toolkit, data, insights and real stories, international players such as L’Oréal are now able to establish a ‘stay in touch programme’ that supports both parents and workplaces.

The duo's programme

Centring on the pillars of control, connectedness and care, L’Oréal Australia’s programme is now live. Understanding entitlements, actively looking for and managing parental leave, maintaining important relationships and looking after mental health through balancing parenthood and work commitments are all covered.

“We understand that transitioning back to work for new parents can be very stressful and hence it is the greatest reason many don’t return to work at all or only return for a short time. This is why we believe it is essential to support returning parents through partner programmes such as Circle In,"​ Amber Kristof, Director of HR L’Oréal Australia & New Zealand noted, emphasising the inspiration behind the launch of the programme.

Narrowing the gap

“Circle In gives access to practical information from managing the process of going on parental leave to offering support and connection back into the business while a parent is on leave, to finally providing encouragement to rejoin the workforce when the time is right,”​ added Kristof.

The Circle In programme follows several initiatives that L’Oréal Australia has undertaken in recent years, including 14 weeks carer's Leave for both men and women.

“L’Oréal Australia is committed to ensuring new parents are given every opportunity to stay connected with the business while they are on parental leave,”​ expressed Rodrigo Pizarro, Managing Director L’Oréal Australia & New Zealand says of the Circle In programme.

“L’Oréal Australia strives to be a thought-leader within Australian business, and we are continually assessing how we can improve our internal practices to retain our valued employees,”​ concluded Pizarro.

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