Beauty sleep: Ashland unveils new ingredient to counter effects of restless nights

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Ashland unveils new ingredient Nightessence to counter effects of restless nights
Ingredient supplier Ashland has launched a new ingredient which claims to help the skin recover from a bad night’s sleep.

Nightessence is derived from sustainably grown and harvested lavender flowers and extracted using the firm’s patented and proprietary plant small RNA technology (PSR).

According to the speciality chemical company, Nightessence is able to restore the skin overnight so it can look ‘renewed and illuminated’ by the morning.

The ingredient targets the skin as it goes through its nocturnal processes, dubbed Noctology by the firm.

“Ashland’s Nightessence biofunctional enhances skin’s naturally occurring nocturnal process, dysregulated by hectic lifestyles, visible light and sun, and helps skin boost essential night-time molecules such as timezyme and melatonin,” ​explained Joël Mantelin, VP of marketing and business development, Ashland.

Nightessence was clinically tested on a group of 36 Asian volunteers who worked the night shift or who stayed up very late.

After using the product for a month, the volunteers showed a more rested skin with fewer dark circles.

“This ingredient has also shown very good clinical results on skin brightening, luminosity and a rapid decrease of skin redness,” ​added global marketing manager Justine Cotton.

The results of the clinical studies show that the ingredient can be used in many applications to target issues such as premature ageing, sun damage and skin sensitivity.

The link between sleep, wellness and beauty

The company sees a lot of potential for this ingredient to target the health and wellness trend as it can be associated with solutions linked to yoga, meditation and other relaxation practices.

Cotton added this new ingredient is in line with an emerging trend it is observing in among consumers – the importance of beauty sleep.

“With the importance of well-ageing and well-being, a good night's sleep is more and more vital. It is now a key factor of productivity and success in the business side which was not the case in the past,” ​said Bi.

According to Cotton, Nightessence aligns with neurocosmetics, as the melatonin boosted by the ingredient is linked to the serotonin.

She highlighted that the ingredient may resonated especially with Asian consumers.

“Asian beauty consumers are already taking care of their skin through multi-step beauty rituals, particularly for the night. This new ingredient will completely resonate with them as it offers — for the first time – an understanding of the biology of the skin at night, its needs and adapted solution for the night routine.”

Cotton believes Asian women are now acutely aware of how the light emitted from digital devices can negatively affect the skin and will be looking for ingredients, like Nightessence, that can repair the damage.

“The environment and the use of electronic devices emitting blue light and light-at-night negatively impact nocturnal processes of skin. Asian women are looking to fight, repair the damages and restore their skin in our ultra-connected world,”​ she said.

Additionally, Cotton said that Asian women are generally drawn to the lavender flower, which is a symbol of romantism and love.

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