WOW: Extend International to launch MiE skin care series containing clinical grade penetration technology in Asia

By Guan Yu Lim

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The MiE skin care series uses a clinical-grade penetration technology also known as water-in-oil-in water (WOW) ©Extend International
The MiE skin care series uses a clinical-grade penetration technology also known as water-in-oil-in water (WOW) ©Extend International

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Extend International is set to roll out eight products from the MiE skin care series in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan this November.

Hong Kong’s MiE claims to be the first skin care brand introducing a clinical-grade penetration technology also known as water-in-oil-in water (WOW).

This technology is said to penetrate all three layers of the skin (epidermis, dermis, hypodermis), rather than just reaching the outermost layer of the skin.

There are eight products in the series including a make-up remover, cleansing gel, toner, eye gel, serum, reborn lotion, sun block lotion and a facial mask, all produced with the WOW technology.

The parent company of the MiE series, Singapore-based multi-level marketing Extend International has the distribution rights for the products in Asia.

Jermaine Loh, business development manager at Extend International told CosmeticsDesign-Asia, ​the MiE skin care series aimed to promote cell repair and stimulate cell regeneration. They are suitable for all skin types from sensitive, oily to dry skin.

WOW technology

According to Loh, many general skin care products in the market were either oil only or oil-in-water. “No matter how good the ingredients are, due to the lack of effective penetration, general skin care products can only stay on the skin’s surface or middle layer​.”

Although the outer skin may look moisturised, the deeper layer of the skin is dry​.”

Loh said the WOW technology gave its products the ability to hydrate and moisturise the dermis (middle) and hypodermis (third) layers of the skin while rejuvenating the epidermis (outer) and reduce wrinkles.

The particles of the MiE products are coated with a water followed by oil and lastly water coating.

When MiE product particle first come into contact with the skin at the outermost layer, it will be absorbed quickly as epidermis is hydrophilic (likes water) which is a match to the outer water layer of WOW​.

The product particle can then easily penetrate through the middle layer of the skin which is lipophilic (likes oil) as the essence are wrapped by the layer of oil​.”

Lastly, the remaining product particle which successfully penetrated the skin surface and the middle layer, can deliver the essence into the deepest layer of skin. This will produce the greatest effect as the essence can work from the depths of skin​.”

With this technology, the skin is said to be able to absorb 500 times the amount of water.

In addition to the clinical-grade penetration technology, the MiE series also uses an ultra-pure water injection technology to break up excess oil in the pores preventing the oxidation of oil. This oxidation of oil typically results in acne.

The technology also helps to repair oily septum, strengthens the cells’ ability to retain water, effectively balances water and oil ratio in skin by moisturising while removing excess oil.

Together, the ultra-pure water injection technology and WOW (Water-In-Oil-In-Water) deep penetration technology allow nutrients and water to reach the deeper layers of the skin and be absorbed effectively.


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All natural

The MiE range uses more than 60 natural ingredients in its products, some of which include ginseng, olive oil, lavender, rose mary, thyme, and ginkgo biloba.

The products also do not contain chemical preservatives and alcohol, typically found in conventional skin care products.

Products without added preservatives naturally have a shorter shelf life and may be inconvenient for storage. For instance, it has to be frozen or adding ingredients such as alcohol to extend the shelf life.

The MiE series uses an exclusive natural self-preservation system which includes altering the pH to restrict microbial growth. It has a shelf-life of 3.6 years unopened, and three months once opened.

The company banks on its use of natural ingredients to the extent that the same product bought at different periods may differ in colour and odour. For instance, its blueberry mask uses natural organic blueberries which may be affected by the rainy season, resulting in a difference in colour between batches.

Most of its ingredients are sourced from China and Hong Kong, the latter also a manufacturing site.

Huge potential

In Singapore, the products will be available at Extend International’s physical store, and eGe Boutique (facial, full body spa).

Loh said since the technology is relatively new in this region especially in the skin care market, the firm is focusing on raising its awareness.

We are reaching out to beauticians, and people in the spa and salon industry to educate them on our products. We also conduct workshops weekly for consumers to experience the series and share our skin care knowledge​.”

Loh said these products were not only targeted for females. For instance, its make-up remover could be used by men too, “it can remove the heavy metals on our skin due to air pollution​.”

MiE products have also been dermatologically and clinically tested on eczema patients with allergies.

The MiE skincare series was soft launched in some Asian markets since last year. The entire series took 13 years of R&D before launching into the market.

The company is looking to distribute the series into Thailand and China in the future.

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