Iberchem says new fragrance-neutralising innovation is sustainable and more effective

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Iberchem says new fragrance-neutralising innovation is sustainable and more effective

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Spanish fragrance company Iberchem has created a new biodegradable malodour-neutralising technology that can be used across all of its scent applications.

Iberchem’s New Fragrance Technology department has unveiled VernovaPure®, a new innovation that counteracts malodours such as sweat and cigarette smoke and then biodegrades over time, lessening its environmental footprint.

The new technology is designed to be used in all types of technical and cosmetic formulations, such as creams, lotions, deodorants, shower products, perfumes and body sprays.

Neutralising malodour VOCs

“Our VernovaPure technology is based on the understanding of how certain ingredients have the capacity to neutralise the odorous molecules responsible for the bad smell,” ​explained Manuel Serna, Iberchem’s New Technologies Scientist. “These malodour VOCs are chemicals, and so by understanding how they can react, we can use our technology to neutralise them.”

VernovaPure is also a sustainable technology with a biodegradability of over 60 per cent after 28 days. According to Michael White, Iberchem’s New Technologies Director, this innovation meets the criteria for the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) standards of ‘Readily Biodegradable’. “Our technology is based on a combination of ingredients in which around 85 per cent are considered readily biodegradable according to this definition,” ​he said.

The new launch is a sustainability milestone for Iberchem’s parent company Croda International, considering its overarching corporate strategy is to “deliver growth through innovation and sustainability”. The company says it hopes to be “Land Positive” by 2030, which means it is aiming to save and protect more land as it grows its crop and seed products.

Sensory testing & headspace analytical tests

VernovaPure was developed by Iberchem’s New Fragrance Technology team, which faced various trials and tribulations during the NPD process. The team had initially set out to modify its existing odour-neutralising technology NeoPure but ended up having to start again instead of building on the previous innovation, as it was too complicated to do so.

During the development process, we were not able to simply modify our existing NeoPure technology and substitute some of the ingredients we use, with biodegradable ones,” ​explained Serna.

Instead, the team took the opportunity to work closely with perfumers to develop an effective malodour-neutralising technology that could work on many applications, be biodegradable and that it could also “prove worked well using sensory testing as well as headspace analytical tests to show the neutralisation of the malodour VOCs,” ​said Serna.

Eco-friendly and​ more effective

Iberchem claims that this new greener solution has been proven to be more effective at neutralising malodour technology than its traditional technology NeoPure. As a result, all of its new odour-neutralising fragrances will now use this greener innovation.

In recent years, the fragrance company has been increasing its variety of eco-friendly fragrance solutions as part of its Green Future Seal programme. It has been proudly working to reduce its environmental footprint by decreasing water consumption, increasing its use of renewable energy and reducing the amount of waste it sends to landfill.

“Sustainability, without a doubt, has become one of the fundamental pillars to try to protect the planet, stop climate change and promote social and economic development without putting lives at risk, ​says White. “VernovaPure is made up entirely of biodegradable ingredients and, so, during its use in perfumes it will neutralise malodours and decompose in the environment into harmless materials,” ​he concludes.

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