Minimalist and understated: How the quiet luxury fashion trend will influence makeup in 2024

By Amanda Lim

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The quiet luxury fashion trend is set to influence makeup in 2024, according to new insights from Japan. [Getty Images]
The quiet luxury fashion trend is set to influence makeup in 2024, according to new insights from Japan. [Getty Images]

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The quiet luxury fashion trend is set to influence makeup in 2024, according to new insights from Japan.

Quiet luxury refers to a style that is understated, subtle, and discreet. It redefined luxury by placing emphasis on the essence of what makes something truly luxurious, such as quality, craftsmanship, and exclusivity.

HBO television series Succession​ contributed to popularising the concept of quiet luxury and stealth wealth.

On the show, its affluent characters dismiss overtly luxury products like “ludicrously capacious”​ Burberry bags as faux pas. Instead, they opt for pared-down pieces, such as logo-less baseball caps by Loro Piana, reported to be made from cashmere and cost upwards of USD400.

At the same time, quiet luxury has become almost synonymous with a more mindful and conscious approach to living. Younger consumers especially are seeking out products and experiences that align with their values of sustainability, individuality, and a deeper appreciation for the artistry behind luxury goods.

The quiet luxury aesthetic has moved from fashion to interior design and is set to arrive in makeup, according to data gathered by @cosme, a leading Japanese cosmetics platform and retailer.

“The trend emphasises subdued colours and patterns to accentuate the quality of materials, creating an elegant and sophisticated look. This trend is gaining attention, and it may have a ripple effect on makeup as well.”

According to the company’s survey on makeup, about 31% of respondents mentioned that they are currently in the mood for makeup that “exudes sophistication”.​ Additionally, 37% expressed that they believe makeup trends change along with fashion trends.

A further analysis of the review on the site highlighted terms such as ‘elegance’, ‘sense of happiness’, and ‘well-being’.

“@cosme suggests the quiet luxury makeup trend for the first half of 2024, incorporating elegance, quality, and a sense of happiness,”​ said the report.

Achieving quiet luxury makeup

@cosme predicts that the quiet luxury trend in beauty will manifest in several ways.

Firstly, there will be more emphasis on the quality of bare skin. Most importantly, consumers will seek to create smooth and glossy skin with the help of products such as sheet masks right before applying makeup.

“To achieve a natural, dewy complexion, pre-makeup skin care is crucial. Using a sheet mask before applying makeup helps replenish moisture and refine the skin's texture. When the skin texture becomes plump, it gives a glow that seems to radiate from all directions.”

It expects lightweight foundations to trend as they allow the natural texture and imperfections of the skin to shine through.

Highlighter is essential to create the look and should be applied to the high points of the eyes and cheeks. Furthermore, the highlighters must have a delicate pearl sheen that can blend in well with the skin.

For blush, the report highlighted nude shades and formulas that synchronise with the skin to create a natural flush. Blush should be placed on the contours of the cheeks rather than the apples to achieve sophistication.

For eyes, the report highlighted that shades that will fit in with this trend are nude with subdued shimmer or matte finishes. It also emphasised discreet gel eyeliners and grey eyeshadows.

This trend will also call for natural-looking lashes, which it said could be achieved by cutting false lashes in half before use and a layer of black mascara.

Lastly, it predicted this trend would increase nude lip colours with glossy textures.

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