All-Round Protection of Skin

Skin Protection 2018

In recent decades, the blue light and air pollution that we have encountered are increased rapidly due to development of technology and environmental change. While we are focused on protecting the skin under UV lights, blue light from a cell phone, tablet or any electronic device could damage the skin and increase the risk of premature skin aging.
In addition, micro-sized air pollutants from outdoors directly affect our health and the quality of skin, furthermore lead to skin inflammation and acne formation. This webinar Corum will introduce Et-VC™ to protect the skin from high energy light exposure and launch a novel patented active ingredient Apobac™ to maintain the pure and flawless skin from air pollution-induced skin problems.


Allison Pao Allison Pao Marketing executive
Corum Inc.

Kuan Yeh Kuan Yeh Marketing Executive
Corum Inc.