Hydrate and Detox - Skin Protection from the Inside Out

Skin Protection 2018

A unique approach to protecting your skin. Hydrating the skin through biological moisturization helps to restore the skin’s barrier. Detoxing the skin with the power of coconut water brings more vitality, energy and health to the skin.

Hydration through biological moisturization – One of the main factors responsible for skin dehydration refers to changes in the skin barrier. The stratum corneum, which contributes to skin barrier function is a dynamic and metabolically interactive tissue which comprises about 60% structural proteins, 20% water, and 20% lipids. When the barrier function and water-retention ability of the stratum corneum are compromised, skin dryness can develop, at a point that the stratum corneum becomes less flexible and begins to crack or fissure. Strategies for skin moisturization may include the use of occlusion agents, humectants and biological moisturizers. Both strategies are temporary and will disappear as soon as they are removed from the skin. Biological moisturizers, on the other hand, will act on skin physiology stimulating it to restore its barrier, improving water flow within the epidermis and dermis while supplying immediate hydration and long-lasting results. Based on a concept of intelligent water distribution and maintenance and protection of skin barrier, Chemyunion has developed a smart solution is our laboratories to act on the major causes of skin dehydration, which is also related to skin aging process.

Coconut water for healthier skin – Detoxification means removing all toxins from the body. Detoxification is a vital cellular task that, if it does not work properly, can lead to the development of degenerative diseases and even to death. The detoxification process involves mobilizing, biotransformation and elimination of toxic compounds of exogenous and endogenous origin. Chemyunion has created a mechanism that consists of coconut water in powder rich in vitamins and minerals essential for the correct operation of the process of detoxification of the skin.

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Cristiane Pacheco Cristiane Pacheco New Business Vice President
Chemyunion, Inc

Patricia Moreira Patricia Moreira Skin Care Product Manager
Chemyunion, Inc