New frontiers: Niche opportunities in beauty

New frontiers: Niche opportunities in beauty

Beyond the mainstream, a spectrum of specialised niches is flourishing. From taboo beauty to ‘ugly’ beauty, brands are carving their unique path in the cosmetics industry. Their consumers are those looking for solutions that stretch beyond ageing or acne. Instead, they are seeking expert help on areas such as intimate feminine care or melanin-rich skin care solutions. This unexplored future landscape represents opportunities to meet the less-talked about needs and concerns of the modern beauty consumer – ultimately creating new categories in beauty. In this webinar join us and our industry experts as we explore the new frontiers in beauty and discover how cosmetic innovation can meet previously unforeseen needs and desires.


Marie Drago Marie Drago Founder

Clare Varga Clare Varga Director of Beauty

Jake Xu Jake Xu Co-Founder
Shakeup Cosmetics

Mindy Zou Mindy Zou Head of Omnichannel Growth

Kirsty Doolan Kirsty Doolan Editor
CosmeticsDesign Europe