Personalisation and Customised Beauty: What's Next?

Personalisation and Customised Beauty: What's Next?

We’re witnessing a moment of huge, dynamic change in the industry​ thanks to the demand for personalised beauty and personal care solutions. From skin care that responds to the individual’s specific microbiome, to multicultural beauty that meets specific needs of different ethnic backgrounds, to digital innovations that create on-demand beauty live on the shopfloor, the rise of customised beauty​ and personal care is a major hot topic.

Cosmetics Design has gathered an all-star panel of experts​ at the forefront of this disruption and innovation. Our online forum will feature the insights of our panellists. Together, they will discuss the latest launches, technology, ingredients and leading brands, and offer their exclusive predictions​ for where this trend is going.

It’s become crucial to keep abreast of the latest developments​, and our forum offers industry professionals a fantastic opportunity to do just that. Get the inside scoop on how the trend is unfolding, and learn how to take advantage​ of upcoming developments.


Kit Wallen Russell Kit Wallen Russell Co-Founder and R&D Director
JooMo Ltd.

Nicole Fall Nicole Fall CEO
Asian Consumer Intelligence Pte. Ltd

Jamie Mills Jamie Mills Senior Analyst
GlobalData Plc

Lucy Whitehouse Lucy Whitehouse Editor