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In the heathy economy, consumers embrace healthy skin from head to toe
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Beyond beauty: Taking care of skin is taking care of health

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If the last two years have proven anything, it’s that good health isn’t a given. A key lesson learned is that we must be intentional about it, and by extension, about the brands and products we turn to in order to support our health. This shift is putting brands under a microscope, and beauty and personal care brands are no exception.

With consumers increasingly prioritizing their health and well-being, every brand has the potential to become a healthcare brand. In a study across 22 markets, 63% of consumers say future products and services should enhance their health and well-being.[1]​ Similarly, 60% of people across 31 markets said they want to change their lifestyle ‘a great deal’ to be healthier, and just 28% of those respondents agreed that they had made these major changes.[2]​ It seems clear that consumers want products that can help to care for mind and body amid growing awareness that when these are in balance, it’s reflected in the skin.

Good for face, good for body

When it comes to skin care, consumers are increasingly interested in taking care of not only facial skin but also the entire body with products that moisturize and protect. The reasons consumers turn to body care products seems to vary by gender, with women using them to keep skin looking and feeling good, and men using them when a need arises (having dry, flaky skin, for example).[3]​ In fact, the body needs the same attention as the face in order to lock in moisture and maintain hydration, especially those body areas with the tendency to dry out, like the scalp, hand, calf and feet.[4]

As consumers establish new routines, there’s an opportunity within the beauty and personal care space to encourage skin care routines for the entire body as part of an overall focus on health and well-being. Such a routine might include cleansing with a mild, non-drying body wash, moisturizing body lotion, protective hand cream (to counteract frequent hand washing and sanitizing), hydrating foot cream as well as a soothing balm for sensitive areas. These products become even more appealing if they align with the sustainability attributes that are increasingly important to consumers.

In creating an ideal body care routine, there’s evidence that the ‘skinification’ trend may influence choices. According to Mintel, 70% of adults in the US are interested in body care products that contain popular ingredients used in facial care, while 40% of internet users (16+) in the UK are interested in body care products with scientifically/clinically proven claims.[5]​ A keen focus on ingredients (and where they come from) remains, with consumers showing particular interest in natural, sustainably sourced and specific active ingredients. Many will also purchase a more expensive product if it contains premium ingredients, as indicated by 65% of body care shoppers in China.[6]

Raising the bar

Yet another trend set to influence consumers’ skin and body care choices is the beauty bar. This format is booming; there’s a solid option for almost any body care product, including soap, shampoo, conditioner, exfoliators and lotions. Beauty bars answer consumers’ call for more sustainable, eco-conscious choices: They require less water and are plastic-free, waste-free and highly portable. Packing big value into a small package, beauty bars are a solid and environmentally friendly option for a range of body care needs.

Moisture 40 years in the making

In 2022 DSM celebrates 40 years of PENTAVITIN, one of the most successful moisturizers in the beauty market. It’s one of the top 10 most used moisturizers (based on more than 4,000 beauty product launches since 2018[7]​) and known for its moisture-magnet properties, delivering hydration from head to toe. Fully sustainable, PENTAVITIN has one of the lowest carbon footprints in the industry for a moisturizing ingredient.

New discoveries from in-vivo tests reveal PENTAVITIN’s efficacy in sought-after rinse-off and body care applications. In a post-shower body moisturizer, it delivered 275% more moisture eight hours after a single application and further showed a strong cumulative moisture recovery effect with consistent use, even at a low dose. In a moisturizing soap bar, PENTAVITIN performed uniquely well in high pH conditions, delivering a 24-hour moisture boost & lock benefit known in facial care but newly discovered in this format. Additionally, it boosts the efficacy of glycerin even at a low concentration. PENTAVITIN’s efficacy in shampoo also resulted in visible hydration and reduction of sebum and scalp flaking after frequent use as shown in a unique scalp mapping technique, helping to promote a healthy-looking scalp.

PENTAVITIN is delivering smart moisture in a new body care line up that encourages users to embrace healthy skin from head to toe. Featuring cleansing shampoo, hydrating shower gel, moisturizing soap bar, soothing fluid, face & body cream mist, and hand and foot cream, this collection can transform any self-care routine by treating all areas of the body.

Taking care of skin is taking care of health

Consumers are increasingly intentional about their health and well-being and look to brands and products that will support their desire to look and feel healthy from head to toe. With greater consumer awareness that taking care of skin is taking care of health, the personal care and beauty industry has an opportunity to offer sustainable moisturizing solutions not only for facial skin but for the entire body.

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