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Shiseido make up

Shiseido adds and recalls facial lines

By Natasha Spencer

While personal care conglomerate, Shiseido, ramps up its facial expression project with a new face skin care cream, it also announced the voluntary recollection of its Integrate Killer Wink Gel Liner.

Soil Association on COSMOS certification: 'Consider long-term strategy'

Special Newsletter: Natural and organic labelling

Soil Association on COSMOS certification: 'Consider long-term strategy'

By Lucy Whitehouse

We caught up with the Soil Association, the UK's leading farming charity and organic certification body, on the COSMOS certification, the current state of the natural and organic beauty market, and what brands need to do to stay ahead of the competition.

How to stop confusing consumers with organic and natural labelling

Special Newsletter: Natural and Organic Labelling

Why consumers struggle with natural and organic labelling and how to fix it

By Simon Pitman

Natural and organic labelling claims, certification and branding are confusing enough even for industry professionals, so imagine how consumers feel. We spoke to Ecovia Intelligence-founder Amarjit Sahota to find out how things can be simplified.

The Nagoya Protocol

South Korea commits to the Nagoya Protocol

By Natasha Spencer

As South Korea signs up to the Nagoya Protocol, the cosmetics industry is at risk of placing significant restrictions on raw material imports.

Raw materials and natural labelling

Exclusive Interview

Raw materials progress natural labelling

By Natasha Spencer

As the natural labelling and claims market has an increasingly positive impact on consumer purchasing decisions, we spoke to Belinda Carli, Director, Institute of Personal Care Science, about the influence this has in Australia and New Zealand and asked...

Chlitina and regenerative medicine

Brand Profile

Chlitina Profile part II: How regenerative medicine is progressing

By Natasha Spencer

As the field of “medical beauty” strengthens, we continue to talk to skin care and beauty salon, and Tongji University partner, Chlitina, and look at how this industry is gathering supporters and overcoming the strict regulatory environment.

Chlitina  medical beauty

Brand profile

Chlitina Profile part I: Exploring the age of medical beauty

By Natasha Spencer

Chemist Dr. Chen Wugang is the founder of Taiwanese skin care and beauty salon franchise, with Joanna Chen now at the helm of Chlitina as the CEO. Ryan Chao, Chlitina’s Chief Operating Officer for the Greater China area, talks about the latest developments...

Alibaba counterfeit products

Alibaba teams up to remove counterfeit products

By Natasha Spencer

French luxury group, Kering, and e-commerce marketplace, Alibaba Group, partner to engage in joint enforcement actions to prevent online and offline cosmetics infringements and protect intellectual property rights. 

Free from claims mistruths

exclusive interview

Free from claims part II: Removing mistruths

By Natasha Spencer

We continued our conversation with Belinda Carli, Director, Institute of Personal Care Science on how the cosmetics industry needs to change its narrative to stop communicating unnecessarily fearful messages.

Fearful free from claims

exclusive interview

Free from claims part I: Full of fear

By Natasha Spencer

Belinda Carli, Director, Institute of Personal Care Science, highlights how today’s cosmetics and personal care brands are centring on including negative ‘free from’ claims that are creating misplaced fear in consumers.