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Apothecary’s rose cells for a balancing and detox effect

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Apothecary’s rose cells for a balancing and detox effect

Purify Apothecary’s rose​ are active plant cells made with a specific biotechnology mixing plant cell dedifferenciation and a plant cell culture controlling the synthesis of active molecules inside cells.

They are made of the Apothecary’s rose (rosa gallica officinalis), the dark pink or light red rose famous in Europe since Ancient times for its healing properties, and offering skin an

Essential balance

At the level of the epidermis.

Indeed, an oxygenating and detox effect will be provided thanks to an increase in the cellular respiration not only in physiological conditions but in hypoxia conditions maintaining the functions of skin cells longer.

A regenerating effect will be provided thanks to an increase of the cell proliferation therefore helping skin to limit ageing.

A soothing effect will be provided thanks to a decrease of inflammation mediators (IL-1 alpha, IL-6 and PGE2) providing skin a better reaction to aggressions

Therefore by rebalancing essential skin mechanisms, Purify Apothecary’s rose​ can provide a better radiance to skin. 

Purify Apothecary’s rose​ is not allergenic, preservative free, and can be used in any type of formulation from skincare (such as daily cream, night cream, essence and serums, masks, etc.) to make-up applications (such as foundation, primer, BB creams, etc.), thanks to 4 different forms, for any type of skin.

Cosmos Natural approvals and ISO 16128 certificates for all liquid forms are available on request.

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