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D-Glycargine®: the A.G.E breaker for AGE blocker

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D-Glycargine®: the A.G.E breaker for AGE blocker

Combination of L-pyrrolidone carboxylic acid and arginine, D-Glycargine®​ (Arginine PCA) acts on one the principle cause of aging, in addition to oxidation and inflammation. Its exclusive double preventive (anti-glycation) and curative (deglycation) actions make turning back the skin aging through two different beauty benefits. A first in vivo study consisting in applying to the cheeks of volunteers an air beam demonstrated the capacity of D-Glycargine®​ to improve the biomechanical properties of the skin and by consequence its firmness recovery after 28 days only.

As the glycation phenomenom is usually associated to some loss of skin uniformity and a skin swallowing, a second in vivo study has been recently carried out by measuring the parameter b by spectrocolorimetry and demonstrated a significative decrease (p<0.05) of the yellow constituent of the skin at the level of dark spots. Moreover this study has been completed by a clinical evaluation by scoring leading to a decrease by 20% (p<0,01) of the color intensity of dark spots. Thanks to its two dimensions, anti-aging & lightening, D-Glycargine®​ won an Award at the PCHI China 2017 in the category of Anti-aging.

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