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Fruit for the skin: the Australian Kakadu Plum for a brighter and younger looking skin

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Fruit for the skin: the Australian Kakadu Plum for a brighter and younger looking skin

In vogue with the cosmetic Superfruit trend, discover the world’s highest source of vitamin C, the Kakadu Plum. This energizing Australian fruit is part of the native foods that has sustained one of the oldest populations for ten thousand years, but is still new for the global market. The fruit has an ovoid olive shape with a pleasant acidic taste greatly used to make juice and gourmet jams. Kakadu Plum stands for its unique antioxidant self-defence system, a smart environment adaptation to protect itself from the consequences of high UV index that prevails in Northern territory.

Inspired by the properties of this fruit, Superox-C™ is a Kakadu Plum extract clinically proven to smoothen wrinkles and brighten skin tone. By stimulating the SVCT-I transporter, it will help the penetration of the vitamin C into the skin cells to enhance its south-after effects. The new synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid induced by Superox-C™ clinically reduce the appearance of wrinkles up to 21% after 15 days and 38% after 30 days. Furthermore, Superox-C™ improves the skin luminosity up to 21%, the skin tone evenness up to 14% and the skin brightening up to 1.7% after 30 days. For a more radiant skin and youthful look, Superox-C™ is the best natural active ingredient with trendy claims.

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