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GenoWhite™: Advanced Spot Correcting Peptide

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GenoWhiteTM: Advanced Spot Correcting Peptide

GenoWhiteTM​ is a new and patented spot-correcting technology with fast dermal penetration feature. A series of extensive studies have proven that this whitening peptide, other than possessing excellent safety and stability profile, can also target multiple steps of skin pigmentation. Only a small amount of GenoWhiteTM​ can bring up outstanding performances, including melanin reduction and inhibition of melanin-generating enzymes, tyrosinase (-100%), TRP-1 (-42.1%) and TRP-2 (-91.9%). Genetically, GenoWhiteTM​ functions to diminish the melanin-promoting transcription factor MITF (-39%). It can significantly reduce the pigmenting cross-talk by inhibiting endothelin-1(-92.7%) and stem cell factor (-61.3%). It is also able to interrupt the melanosome transport system and in turn prevent the melanosome distribution. All these multiple targeting benefits of GenoWhiteTM​ are the key to its excellent efficacy, which is clinically proven to correct the spots, improve radiance and even skin complexion in just 14 days.

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