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Hydration – effective anti-ageing concept from mother nature

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Hydration – effective anti-ageing concept from mother nature

Forests are characterised by their longevity. Their secret lies in a clever management of moisture. For the skin too, moisture supply is a simple and effective anti-ageing strategy. HYDRACTIN®​-LMF, a symbiotic combination of 3 forest plants (lichen, moss and fern), is an anti-ageing moisturiser. Cetraria islandica​, Polypodium vulgare​ and Sphagnum magellanicum​ are true experts at dealing with moisture. They retain and store water and boost the skin’s NMF. This results in a rejuvenation effect: after 2 weeks, the skin becomes app. 10 years younger. After 4 weeks it even gains 20 years of youth.

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