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Pollustop®, the new anti-pollution weapon: the multi-protective “second skin” shield

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Pollustop®, the new anti-pollution weapon: the multi-protective “second skin” shield

From domestic, atmospheric and UV sources, pollution is everywhere:  outdoor and indoor, invisible, sneaky and ready to attack skin and hair!

For a long time, considered simply as dirt or dust…to be easily removed just by cleansing, it has become the #1 public enemy endangering Beauty & Health

Pollution is more than ever considered to be a huge accelerator of premature aging. In addition to use anti-free radical, anti-oxidant, detoxifying, restructuring & natural self-defense agents, it is strongly recommended to add a non-occlusive skin shield for an immediate and physical protection.

Don't hide behind a mask... Wear a COSMETIC MULTI-PROTECTIVE MATRIX!

Acting against UV damages, decreasing the formation of sunburn cells, reducing the toxicity of cadmium chloride & chemicals, GLYCOFILM®​, and its preservative-free version POLLUSTOP®​, also protect the skin against the deleterious PM2.5 and displayed a huge barrier effect against atmospheric pollution (Heavy Metals, PM…) in real urban conditions!

Rewarded at the last 2016 PCHI in shanghai, Pollustop®​/Glycofilm®​ is the new indispensable weapon to fight against Pollution!

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