RoyalEpigen P5: epigenetic science from royal jelly


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RoyalEpigen P5: epigenetic science from royal jelly
Although identical on a genetic level, worker bees and the queen bee differ in life span, fertility and size. The reason for these differences are epigenetic changes evoked by the feeding of royal jelly. RoyalEpigen P5 is a peptide-based active ingredient that captures the epigenetic activity of royal jelly. Studies show that this new cosmetic ingredient- Activates the proteasomal system in skin cells- Stimulates skin regeneration and wound healing- Improves skin evenness for a youthful complexion

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SensAmone P5 calms sensitive skin

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Sea anemone venom for sensitive skin

About half of the population considers their skin to be sensitive. Therefore, it is important to look for novel sources of cosmetic ingredients to calm sensitive skin. 

RoyalEpigen P5: rejuvenating the skin via epigenetic mechanisms

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Rejuvenation through epigenetic science

Epigenetics is not just a new cosmetic trend, it is an important mechanism that contributes to our appearance which can be influenced with the right ingredients. 

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