Expanscience Cosmetic Active Ingredients


Nature's gifts are plentiful. Benefiting from its bounty means respecting and protecting it.

For 40 years, Expanscience’s sole aim has been to offer you the most effective and innovative eco-socio-design active ingredients. Expanscience strives to highlight the noblest qualities of each plant, whilst considering the sourcing, traceability and production environments as a whole.

Expanscience is the first ingredients supplier to have obtained B Corp certification (in 2018) and is member of the Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT) (since 2011), which supports its commitment to protect biodiversity and to comply with fair trade regulations.

What sets Laboratoires Expanscience apart from other cosmetic ingredients suppliers is its pharmaceutical culture: a rigorous approach to guarantee the highest quality, as well as safety and stability.

Expanscience’s philosophy “SCIENCE & CONSCIENCE, Naturally” encapsulates all of these commitments. 

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