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US beauty group Coty is targeting the teen market with the roll-out
of its first fragrance range under the Chupa Chups label. Created
by independent designer Emmanuel Fenasse, glass bottles are encased
in brightly-coloured plastic boxes to give the impression of a
lollypop in a bag.

The Chupa-Chups Group​, the Spanish confectionery empire, which ranks internationally among the top ten in its sector is now developing a taste for perfume.

The three fragrances in the I Love Me range; night fever, soul shine and pop vinyl were licensed to Coty​ in 2001.

Displayed at Luxe Pack 2003​, the product, which is currently available in Japan and Spain, is to be sold across Europe by mid 2004. I Love Me is to be sold first by LVMH-owned perfumery chain Sephora in France from 6 January, followed by mass distribution throughout France from February onwards.

The Gerresheimer Group​ were selected by Coty to make the glass flacon bottles encased in the plastic boxes.

Apart from the colours, candy pink, turquoise blue and bright green the packaging of each fragrance is identical. Through the boxes transparent sides a small clear-glass bottle with a stepped shoulder can be seen. From the side it fills the box although it takes up only around two thirds of its height.

Together with the spray head the flacon is completely integrated in the plastic cover yet the entire base of the glass is left free.

"This design demands a secure hold and smooth fitting of the flacon in the box, which means the most precise matching of the glass and plastic. Finger pressure from below pushes up the bottle gently releasing the atomiser,"​ said Lingenberg.

In the middle of the angular plastic hood a bulge which shines like a fruit drop protrudes on the front and back, creating the effect of an optical lens guiding the eye towards the brand logo.

"We can guarantee you've never seen a perfume packaged like this before,"​ said Gerresheimer's marketing director Burkhard Lingenberg.

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