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Fragrance with feelings: The science behind emotion-inducing scents

By Sarah Cohen

Many scent marketers will claim that smells trigger 75% of our daily emotions, as the olfactory nerve is directly linked to the amygdala, the area of the brain that processes emotion. We spoke to experts to explore what’s happening in the realm of functional...

WGSN reveals beauty trends for 2024 and beyond

WGSN reveals beauty trends for 2024 and beyond

By Kirsty Doolan

Trend forecaster WGSN has released its predictions for the cosmetics industry for next year. Scroll through to discover the trends and see the AI-generated images it has used to illustrate them.

Fragrance brands are today focusing on line extensions and flanker brands versus organic new product concepts [Getty Images]

Fragrance innovation: ‘Newness is down overall’, says Circana

By Kacey Culliney

Whilst the fragrance category has continued to show dynamism and growth in the past year, the number of new concept launches has stagnated, with growth instead coming from existing lines extensions and flanker brands, says market trends firm Circana.