Added-value and eco-packaging key trends in fragrance

By Simon Pitman

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Eco-friendly packaging, added-value and food-based ingredients are likely to be key factors permeating the fragrance segment, a new report says.

Several ‘deep trends’ are likely to drive the segment through to 2010, with the way US consumers currently feel making a big impact on the types of fragrance purchases they make, according to a new report on fragrance trends by Arylessence.

Obviously one of the biggest influences on consumer patterns right now is the global economic downturn and the major influence this is having on spending power.

Value will be a defining trend

As a direct result of this, the report highlights how ‘Value-Plus’ is going to be a defining trend within the fragrance segment in the coming year as consumers look for ways of stretching their diminishing spending power.

The report highlights the fact that, as well as looking for exceptional value, consumers are also looking for multiple benefits.

However, the report said other trends are "reassuringly enduring" and cut through the current recession.

One such trend mentioned in the report is ‘Tailor Made’, a term that refers to the growing number of consumers looking for fragrances that have been developed around their personal needs.

In a similar vein, ‘Experimental Bliss’ highlights how consumers are constantly looking for fragrances that give them ‘rewarding personal experiences’.

Natural, ethical and eco-friendly solutions

Another important long-term trend in fragrances is natural-based and eco-friendly solutions.

The report highlights how these two trends are manifesting themselves in consumer desire for food-based fragrances, as well as sustainable packaging.

Fragrance and flavoring have long lived side-by-side, with some of the world’s biggest players - including IFF, Givaudan and Symrise - specializing in both areas.

But now with the advent of natural ingredients, the cross-over seems all the more natural, and with this fusion, food and spice fragrances from diverse geographic sources including India, China and Brazil are being incorporated into the latest perfumes, the report underlines.

Consumers are also becoming increasingly concerned about the environment and are reconsidering the packaging that their favorite fragrances come in, putting pressure on manufacturers to provide more eco-friendly packaging solutions.

In line with this, consumers want to be assured over how ethical their purchases are, an equation that takes into account everything from the sustainable sourcing of ingredients, through to how a company does business.

“Even in challenging times consumers still know their tastes and preferences,”​ said Lori Miller Burns, Arylessence director of marketing.

”For most of us ‘green’ and sustainable living will always be important, so will corporate honesty and transparency, and we prefer products that are good for us and our families.”

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