Nu Skin targets direct sales anti-aging market worldwide

By Simon Pitman

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Skin care provider says it developing a network of distributors worldwide for a complete skin care and supplement anti-aging range.

The company recently held a seminar in St. Petersburg, Russia that included key sales leaders from the Nu Skin business worldwide who were briefed on the strategy.

The company is aiming to develop a network of direct sales executives in all of its key markets that will build upon its existing direct sales distribution network.

Tough economic conditions spell opportunities

Despite the tough economic conditions hitting retail markets all over the world, the company is hoping that its ageLOC anti-aging skin care product line will tap into the desire for more youthful skin that has become a worldwide trend in recent years.

But as well asthis trend, the company is also hoping that its direct sales strategy will allow it to tap into a growing number of individuals who are currently looking for alternative sources of income to tie them through the tough times.

“ageLOC will not only have significant implications for an aging population that wants to live young, but also for an increasing number of people who are seeking out Nu Skin’s business opportunity to supplement or replace their income,”​ said Truman Hung, Nu Skin CEO.

Direct sales staff grow in a recession

It is a recognized phenomenon that during economic downturns direct cosmetic sellers tend to fair well as their workforces is swelled by an increasing number of well educated and experienced individuals, which serves to boost sales without creating significant expense.

The company says that the move also serves as the next stage in the international rollout of the ageLOC brand, having already launched the first phase in October last year when it unveiled ageLOC Galvanic Spa Facial Gels.

The company is planning to build on the range this October with the launch of a daily skin care system, which will also be backed up by the worldwide launch of a beauty care supplement targeting anti-aging.

Preventative and corrective benefits

“By targeting the ultimate sources of aging we have the advantage of developing truly game-changing products that have both preventative and corrective anti-aging benefits,”​ said Joe Chang, Nu Skin chief scientific officer.

The company is also eyeing massive future international growth in the anti-aging market, believing that its latest product launch will leave it well placed to benefit from.

According to its figures, the anti-aging industry in the US is expected to grow by 76 percent in the US, 73 percent in the Japan and 82 percent in the Asia Pacific region.

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