PCHi 2013 will be aiming at an increasingly global audience

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Following on from the success of PCHi 2012 in Shanghai, event project director Daniel Chan expects next year’s show in Guangzhou to attract a strong mix of international and domestic industry professionals.

Speaking exclusively to Cosmetics Design, Chan believes that the exponential growth of the event in the past few years will continue when it comes to the southern province of Guangdong, an increasingly important economic and industrial hub for the China cosmetic and personal care industry.

Chan explained that whereas the 2011 event attracted more of a domestic audience when it was held in the city of Shenzen, also in Guangdong province, this year’s event attracted a very much more international audience in Shanghai.

Shanghai is an established hub with easy intereational access

“Our shows in Shanghai generally attract more international visitors because the city is a well-established global business hub,”​ Chan explained. “The city is relatively more convenient for foreign travelers because there are more direct flights from many international airports.”

In 2011 the event was held in Shenzhen, also in Guangdong province. The fact that this is China’s second hub for cosmetics and personal care manufacturers meant that the event also attracted a lot of interest, but this time mainly channeled in visitors from China.

However, Chan believes that this forthcoming PCHi 2013 will balance things out, attracting a mix of both international and domestic players, many of which are expected to come from the provinces industrial zone, which stretches all the way down to the boarder of the New Territories, in Hong Kong.

Attracting ingredients suppliers from Asia Pacific and beyond

“In addition, these differences have had little impact on the increase in quality and quantity of exhibitors as PCHi strives to bring in as many ingredient buyers as possible from China, Asia Pacific and beyond,”​ said Chan.

"Our strategy of alternating between the Yangtze River Delta [Shanghai]and the Pearl River Delta [Guangdong] regions, both rich in personal care and cosmetic manufacturers, has allowed us to serve both international and domestic companies effectively.”

The first PCHi event was in Shanghai back in 2008, when some 135 exhibitors were present. Now the event attracts more than double that number of exhibitors, and this year’s event recorded a total of over 5,500 visitors.

Daniel Chan, project director, PCHi China

Growing PCHi 2013 through communiction 


Builiding on this, the event organizers, Reed Sinopharm, are expecting to further grow next year’s event, particularly by focusing on communications, both as a means of getting word out about the event, but also by enhancing the way the industry connects.


“We want the event to bring value and benefit to the industry not just during the show days. Before the next edition of the show, PCHi will continue to serve the market with more creative and value-added initiatives - whether online, offline or face-to-face – in order to enhance the connectivity among all the industry players.”


Next year’s PCHi event will take place at the Guangzhou Poly World Trade Centre, in the city of Guangzhou, Guangdong province, from March 13 – 15, 2013.

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