Asian cosmetics summit to tackle major ethical & ecological issues

By Michelle Yeomans

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Asian cosmetics summit to tackle major ethical & ecological issues
According to Organic Monitor, the second Asia-Pacific edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit to be held in Hong Kong this November is to tackle some of the major ethical and ecological issues facing the industry in that region.

Topics over the two day event are to include sustainable packaging, alternatives to animal testing methods, Ayurveda and halal cosmetics, green formulations, and environmental impacts.

Judi Beerling, head of technical research at Organic Monitor is to run a workshop on formulating with green preservatives, emulsifiers and surfactants.

"With many Asian brands struggling to formulate natural & organic cosmetics, the workshop highlights the green alternatives to parabens, SLS, SLES and other synthetic materials in cosmetic formulations​."

Up for discussion

Workshops are set to focus on green ingredients and sustainable packaging, highlighting that the highest environmental footprint of cosmetics is from product formulations and packaging.  

Meanwhile, a detailed seminar programme is to home in on sustainability topics pertinent to Asia. With animal testing top of the list, Anthony E. James from the University of Hong Kong is set to discuss the ever topical area.

Furthermore, with Muslim consumers comprising of almost a third of the Asian population, Sarifah Rejab of Sirim Berhad is to discuss the halal cosmetics standard and labelling scheme as the sector continues to grow.


In the ‘Sustainability in Practice’ session, a leading Japanese cosmetics firm is to touch on how it is meeting the sustainability challenge by reducing its environmental impacts.

Implemented in 2009, Kao’s ‘Eco Together’ programme involves changing cosmetic formulations, using green technologies, reducing product packaging, and implementing energy & waste management programmes.

Other speakers will look at the use of new design approaches and green materials to overcome the sustainable packaging conundrum.

Speaking of Asia...

Cosmetics Design is also targeting the rising demand in Asia-Pacific with the launch of a new site focused on the breaking news in the region. will be launched on September 4 2012 and will cover all the formulation, packaging and business news in the region.

The output of the new site will also focus on the key areas in the region such as market entry, regulation, animal testing, beauty from within, amongst others.








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