Key to marketing organic cosmetics in Asia is 'authenticity and heritage'

By Simon Pitman

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Key to marketing organic cosmetics in Asia is 'authenticity and heritage'
Premium organic cosmetic provider has already made a significant impact on the Asia-Pacific market and CEO Sam McKay believes it is all to do with communicating the brand values.

“Green credentials is key to approaching organic cosmetics in Asia, as is communicating the brand’s authenticity and heritage,”​ said McKay.

“For Jurlique, we need to communicate our brand ethos and point of difference, focusing on our holistic natural approach, from our farm in the Adelaide Hills through to our natural product packaging, environmentally friendly store design and Jurlique’s Sustainability Program.”

Naturals that provide effective results

Further to this, McKay also points out the importance of conveying the message that, despite being natural products, the Jurlique branded skin care line can also provide effective results, while also giving all the benefits of not using harsher ingredients.

“We need to continue educating and reinforcing the importance of natural products being as effective as synthetic brands – while Asian consumers have a better understanding of the significance of natural products being effective compared to other Western countries, there is still the continual need to strengthen this link and be seen as the natural experts in skin care.”

Although awareness of natural-based products does in some ways make the job of marketing such products easier, there are still specific challenges to marketing this category of cosmetics products in the region.

Skin care registration requirements

“Changing market perceptions - including both consumers and retailers - of natural versus synthetic based brands continues to remain a key challenge in marketing organic skin care in Asia,”​ said McKay.

“An additional challenge relates to skin care registration requirements in certain Asian markets, where brands are not able to utilize certain natural ingredients and effectively leverage skin care claims to prove efficacy.”

But despite these challenges, the fact that the global organic natural market is growing at approximately $1 billion per year means that in Asia Pacific, where economic growth rates are even stronger, projected growth rates for the category are highly significant.

It is all about Asia-Pacific

“According to Organic Monitor, the Asian market for natural and organic products continues to show double digit growth and there is also high consumer preference for Western brands in many markets”​ said McKay.

Adding to to that, McKay stressed just how important to Jurlique the organics cosmetics market is in the region: “The Asian region will remain our number one focus and growth priority.“

Sam McKay will be giving a presentation about marketing premium organic products in the Asia Pacific region at the forthcoming Sustainable Cosmetics Summit​, November 12 – 13.

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