L’Oreal India’s new software platform makes pricing a breeze


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L’Oreal India’s new software platform makes pricing a breeze
L’Oreal India has selected a new software program which will improve its communications and make it easier for it to manage price points and product launches.

Fiorano’s SOA platform will be used to form the backplane infrastructure and thus connect internal systems, including legacy systems and enable the rapid deployment of IT and business solutions.

The SOA software program will be used to allow for “real-time enablement of multiple internal processes​,​including sales order generation and debugging problems.

Fiorano attributes the use of this system to L’Oreal’s desire to speed up growth. The company states that SOA will enable L’Oréal India to: “focus on its core mission of making beauty universal in a sustainable and responsible way in emerging markets.”

Real-time data

The key advantage of the SOA system over L’Oreal India’s current programs is that it allows the company to access real-time data about sales from all over the country. This is especially significant in a fast-changing emerging market.

Atul Saini, CEO of Fiorano, told CosmeticsDesign-Asia.com: “When L’Oreal enters a new market, they want to create new pricing points and change and modify them depending on which regions of the country they are targeting.”

“The SOA system allows you to do that more easily by giving you access to more market data. It gives you a lot more data at your fingertips.”

“It also has the advantage that you can debug one area without shutting down the whole system.”

A user-friendly system

The SOA system is described by Fiorano as being far easier to use and install than most rival products.

Mr Saini said: “The advantage of the system is that it provides a high level enough view to make sense of, and has a drag-and-drop interface for connecting internal systems which does not require any additional low-level programming.”

SOA allows users to literally move components on a “canvas” ​visual model, with no additional installation or programming required.

The company claims that firms which have adopted their system have increased their productivity by 40-80 per cent. 

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