Round up - shedding light on this year's 'voices of the industry'

By Michelle Yeomans

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Round up - shedding light on this year's 'voices of the industry'

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Over the last twelve months the Cosmetics Design team has been hunting down the most exclusive interviews and scoops for you, our treasured reader. Here, we've rounded up some of the top execs shedding light on key industry issues.

In November, ‘Medicine Hunter’ Chris Kilham revealed that the industry did "not want to be caught with its' pants down"​ when it comes to sustainability.

The vivacious trail blazer who ventures into the world’s wild vegetation zones to search for botanicals for Naturex, revealed why he believes there is a greater sensitivity to sustainability in the cosmetics sector​.

I think that part of that is because companies don’t want to be accused of bio-piracy by using an ingredient that may be appropriated in the wrong way," ​he told

A closer shave at where brands are going wrong in communicating with men..

As the summer came to an end Simon Duffy, founder of men's skin care brand in the UK caught up with us in time to quash the age old industry belief that men are difficult to communicate with.

In an exclusive interview with this publication he had informed us that "skin care brands just haven’t done a good job at it."​ 

The ambitious young entrepreneur discussed why sluggish growth in the sector is not just down to the economy​, but that the main issue lies with the brands, and how his young company has managed to place itself above industry giants like Gillette, by speaking to men in the right way.

Are we really unlocking the true potential in this category about how we view our brand and then communicating that with men?​,” he had asked of the industry.

Revealing the shift in the industry's 'organic consumer'

In early July Tyler Heiden Jones, then president of the revolutionary organic beauty brand Intelligent Nutrients, revealed how they had been able to scientifically show the instant impact aromas have on energy levels​ in the body.

The buoyant self-confessed marketer at heart discussed the brand’s innovative work with aroma therapeutics and how a shift in the industry has meant that the ‘crunchy granola’ consumer is no longer the only one likely to invest in organic cosmetics.

"It's not just quacky science, it really has a concrete measurable ability of how it impacts the body and it becomes a personal experience for the consumer as we are able to tell what aroma most suits them from the effect it has on their energy levels," ​he informed us.

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