Wacker launches new hair care ingredient dedicated to the China market

By Simon Pitman

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Wacker launches new hair care ingredient dedicated to the China market
Silicone-based ingredients supplier Wacker has unveiled a series of new product launches at the PCHi event in Shanghai last week, including a hair conditioner exclusively for the China market.

“The hair care conditioner Belsil DM6103E has been developed especially with Asian hair types in mind,”​ said Gary Wang, Wacker performance chemicals, business director.

“It has been formulated with later sized particles, which means it is more suitable for coverage of Asian hair follicles, simply due to the fact that they are generally thicker and require hair care formulations that can provide greater coverage to the follicle."

A conditioner targeting thicker hair follicles

The 6103E conditioner is a medium-grain non-ionic emulsion based on polydimethlsiloxane, and is said to be a particularly suitable conditioning additive for Asian hair types because it has a particle size of 10µm and an internal silicone oil viscosity of up to 300,000, in turn giving it good adhesion properties.

“The development team tackled this problem by creating a formulation that better blended with the hair follicle and would not wash off so easily. The significant challenge was to then make the formulation stable, which we achieved through the emulsification process,”​ Wang added.

The ingredient is said to be ideal for shampoos, rinse-off hair conditioners, hair masks, as well as leaven in conditioners.

Wacker also says that it can be combined with Belsil DM 3112 VP emulsion to give formulations a silkier touch, while it can also be compounded with Belsil ADM 6058 CN oil-in-water emulsion to give a more supple and natural appearance to the hair.

Launch of an elastomer gel and a gum blend

The company was also platforming two other ingredient in the Belsil portfolio at the PCHi event – a silicone elastomer gel, REG 1100, together with silicone gum blend, GB 1020.

REG 1100 is said to combine the skin sensation produced by non-crosslinked silicone polymers and the film-forming properties of silicone resins.

Specific applications include colour cosmetics where it can be used to make lipstick more ‘kiss-proof’ and prevent make-up rub-off, while for skin care applications is it said to make moisturizers richer and sunscreens perform better when exposed to water.

GB 1020 is a blend of low-viscosity dimethicones and high molecular dimethiconol, giving it great spreading characteristics, combined with a good distribution of the high viscosity conditioning agent.

Ideal for hair, skin and sun care applications, it is said to provide water resistance, together with a breathable, non-occlusive barrier to protect active ingredients, all delivered with a good skin feel and a silky touch for hair care formulations.

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