Soliance reveals concept targeting burgeoning multifunctional face mask category

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Soliance reveals concept targeting burgeoning multifunctional face mask category
Biotech ingredients suppler Soliance has launched a new concept, multifunctional and customisable face masks, which taps into a number of growing industry trends.

The France-based company has developed the three step face mask programme, which can be tailored to suit the requirements of most any type of skin care regime by customising both the mask formulation according to specific skin types.

Launched at Cosmetagora in Paris back in January, and to also be platformed at the forthcoming in-cosmetics in Hamburg, the concept focuses on choosing a base formulation, composing the mask, then a third step which involves spraying a revealing dew to show the results.

Multifunctional approach starts with base formula

The multifunctionality starts with the base formulation, which consists of the option to apply a cream combined with kendi oil for nourishing qualities, while a second suggested formula combines a gel base with guar- and xanthan-derived Syner-GX, said to have a boosting affect for the skin.

The next stage is to give the mask its functionality using a range of Soliance ingredients that target specific skin benefits.

The research and development team suggest that Betaphroline, a well-being active, is mixed with a choice of one of nine other different active ingredients to give different skin care effects, with varying application times of between five and 15 minutes.

Next step is to apply the formula, wait, then rinse off

The next step is to apply the base and active formulation to the face. ‘Express’ has a recommended application time of five minutes and has a light revitalizing effect, while ‘Tonic’ has a ten minute application time and the ‘Excellence’ has a 15 minute application time, each with progressively deeper effects on the skin.

The active ingredients recommended for the mask include Axolight, a skin lighetner, Bashayal, a hyaluronic acid, Depollutine, a pollution preventative and Ocaline, a soother for sensitive skin. Each of the actives are dispensed according to recommended dosage levels.

The final step is to strip the mask off using the revealing dew, which contains the anti-aging active Stimulhyal and a marine-derived eau de source.

Multifunctional face mask trend spreads from Asia

The trend for face masks started some years ago in Asia, but is now gaining significant traction in other global markets, as consumers pick up on the fact that they can provide enhanced results.

Although the trend started in Japan originally, the China market has also latched onto the idea of face masks, which is now have a ripple effect as the first signs of face masks are being seen in Western markets.

Innovations coming out of the Asia Pacific region have included face masks made from a range of materials, including bio-cellulose and silk, as well as collagen gel and cotton lace. Indeed, many of these innovations were first seen in the China market, which is said to be innovating fast.

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