L’Oréal Paris rolls out first filloxane hair thickening product line


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L'Oreal Paris Elseve Fibralogy hair thickening line

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L’Oréal Paris has rolled out its first product line utilising its hair thickening active ingredient which is based on the technology used to repair cracked car windscreens.

The brand’s new Elséve Fibralogy shampoo contains the Filloxane ingredient which claims to add body and volume to hair.

The active is the result of 17 years of research by L’Oréal in collaboration with the University of Jussieu in Paris, France, and was unveiled at the Interactive Materials Research conference in Lubeck at the start of the year.


The idea is based on the same mode of action as silica gel to seal up cracks, and the French manufacturer claims that the molecule penetrates the hair shaft to thicken the hair protein microfibrils.

Filoxane is a multi-talented active ingredient and is backed by bold claims from L’Oréal that it instantly makes hair feel twice as full and thick on a consumer test of shampoo and conditioner.

L'Oréal Elseve - Fibralogy from Chez Louis on Vimeo.

The L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hair care Volume Filler line is the first of its kind with a new formula with Filloxane, and the Fibralogy range is composed of three products that enhance substance: a shampoo, a thickness booster and a conditioner.

The products work by penetrating the hair fibre from root to tip targeting keratin, the densifying protein found in hair which is responsible for how voluptuous strands look.


According to the manufacturer of these new products containing the filloxane the Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner should be used regularly to achieve the desired effect and will also enhance any volumizing styling products used afterward by building upon an already-volumized base of hair.

It then advises that once a week, to maximize volume, the thickness booster is applied and left in the hair for two minutes while the other products are applied, and then all rinsed out.

The product is available to buy in Europe and the majority of online consumer reviews are positive at the time of writing.

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