Beauty brands send too many emails!

By Deanna Utroske

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Beauty brands send too many emails!
One marketing services company has new data on open rates and send volumes that could help beauty brands adjust their consumer email strategies to greater effect.

Compared to the same period a year ago, consumer engagement with email messages sent by beauty brands has diminished, according to a study by Experian Marketing Services.

The company evaluated more than 20,000 emails sent in Q2 of this year in an array of industries. Jess Nelson, who wrote about the Experian results for, reports that “compared to the previous year, emails sent [by cosmetics companies] in Q2 2015 were 33% less likely to be clicked, and 9% less likely to be opened.”

Poor performance

The other industries included in the Experian survey had better year-on-year results. Indeed, the study found that compared to B2B, fashion retail, financial services, media and entertainment, and travel, marketing emails from the beauty space had the largest drop in return on investment.

More is less

This past quarter saw beauty brands send significantly more emails to consumers than the same quarter last year, which could well account for the plunge in engagement. Nelson confirms that “the cosmetics industry’s downgrade is likely associated with the 29% increase in volume of emails sent.”

It’s a lesson worth noting: “The increased number of emails does not necessarily equate to more sales for marketers,” ​she states.

Digital evolution

Consumer expectations are pushing companies—especially in high-touch industries like personal care and cosmetics—to use digital technology in more creative and personalized ways.

Nelson points out that brands now often have the information to personalize marketing messages “thanks to Big Data and more detailed customer profiles.”

“Consumers expect marketing to match their individual needs and too many emails, especially if deemed irrelevant, will likely only equate to an increased number of unsubscribes,” ​she cautions.

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