Brisbane start-up, MistR fills gap in the market with 'first' refillable, portable cologne atomiser

By Michelle Yeomans

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Brisbane start-up, MistR fills gap in the market with 'first' refillable, portable cologne atomiser

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Brisbane based start-up, MistR has developed what it refers to as the industry's 'first refillable, portable, card sized cologne atomiser' which aims to change the way men use and carry cologne around with them throughout the day.

Co-founder, Sean Walch told that he and two other ambitious entrepreneurs launched the fragrance concept that integrates style, functionality and portability for backing on Kickstarter in November.

After 'finding the market lacking in portable fragrance products for men'; the team of three set about designing a product, also branded under the company's name;'MistR' that could be carried around easily so that it can be available at all times.

According to Walch, each device features a slender stainless steel outing that protects the fragrance, weighs fewer than 60 grams, has been designed to be kept in the card slot of wallets or carried independently in pockets or bags and refills straight from your cologne bottle.

"To date, there has not been a product that so seamlessly integrates your cologne or perfume into everyday life. No more wondering whether your cologne will last the day. No more lugging around a fragile, bulky glass bottle. Your fragrance, when you need it. We think you'll love it,"​ Walch explains the concept to this publication.

At the time of publishing, the young firm had racked up just short of $36k on the Kickstarter platform that 'helps to bring creative projects to life' through funding from pledges that ultimately help a creator to complete their project. 

Innovations from Asia Pacific are advancing the male grooming market

Korean player, BAE Intelligence recently announced the launch of its 'industry first' - a 'T-mer' device that replaces water, foam or gel in the shaving routine.

The steamer infused with ingredients of an individual's choice, claims to restore skin health by delivering tiny particles of nutrients beneath stubble as well as forming a moisture film.

The modern man is concerned with his appearance and gone are the days where the necessary wash and shave will suffice, in fact men are seeking out and are willing to invest in specific skin care solutions now more than ever.

According to BAE, 'almost all men shave for up to five minutes a day' and this can irritate the skin, leave razor burns or even puss-filled bumps or abscesses as a result of the hair follicle becoming infected with a strain of strep or staph. 

Thus, this firm set about developing a device that works with all types of razors - dry, wet etc. that cuts down the time of a shaving routine, opens up the pores and allows for smoother shaving by keeping the skin supple.

"The T-mer device sterilizes the bacteria on razors and also saves steps in the shaving routine, you just have to wait 30 seconds for the steamer to get going," ​company rep, Juno Kang told

Each device features a built-in basket to house recommended ingredients from BAE's website that will deliver their nutrients to the skin as the steam emanates from the technology.

Depending on the individual's skin care concerns, they can opt for mung beans to get rid of pimples, rice powder for its whitening and moisturizing properties, black sesame for dark circles and pigmentation issues or soybean for its vitamin E and anti-ageing properties.

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