Scientists develop Melaniq supplement that could control greying hair


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Scientists develop Melaniq supplement that could control greying hair

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Scientists at Oxford Biolabs have developed a product which they claim can control hair ageing and better manage and slow down the processes that turn hair grey.

The Melaniq Food Supplement for Hair Pigmentation formula was specifically designed to support normal pigment production in the hair follicles, by supplying the important nutrients required for melanin biosynthesis and necessary for hair health.

The supplement is the first of Oxford Biolabs’ products to address hair pigmentation, which has recently debuted on the global market, after the company says it recognised a demand from the market, given that premature ageing, particularly from greying hair, is a big concern for many people.

Maintain pigmentation

The active ingredients in the formula can help maintain natural hair pigmentation, according to Oxford Biolabs; and the product is aimed at both men and women who are experiencing premature greying or greying in general

“With age, hair follicles can lose the ability to produce pigmented hair, leading to the incidence of grey hair,”​ explains Dr Thomas Whitfield, CEO & Scientific Lead.

“In the knowledge that copper plays a major role in normal hair pigmentation, Oxford Biolabs scientists have combined it with other natural, active ingredients to develop Melaniq, a highly innovative food supplement.”

A grey area…

The process of greying is determined by various factors, including genetics, environment, stress, poor diet, gender, ethnicity and geographical origin.

Most people go significantly grey between the ages of 45 and 65, though it can affect some much younger, and Oxford Biolabs says it is the desire to maintain natural colour, removing the need for repeated hair colouring, which influenced its new development, which contributes to the maintenance of natural hair pigmentation.

The supplements market has seen many pills that look to tackle grey hair​, and even beauty giant L’Oréal wade into the market a few years by committing research to a fruit extract pill to prevent hair ageing.

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