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Mapping the customer journey part 2: Interactive software creates personalised conversations

By Natasha Spencer

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In the second part of our interview with Pranktik Mazumdar, Managing Partner, Happy Marketer, we explored how chatbots and customer experience tools are building engagement, loyalty and sales.

The customer journeys and corresponding touchpoints “definitely differ”​ across categories and segments such as natural cosmetics, active ingredients, anti-ageing, colour cosmetics, and innovative packaging.

This was “primarily based on the involvement required in the paths to purchase, which are a function of utility and aesthetics as well as price points”,​ revealed Pranktik Mazumdar, Managing Partner, Happy Marketer.

For certain segments such as “high involvement, high-value purchases”​ like anti-ageing creams, it is likely that customers engage in more “due diligence about the formulations, benefits and price points”,​ before making a purchase.

Chatbots: Changing interactivity

Chatbots, an interactive software that allows humans to chat with brands and organisations through social media or mobile apps, are helping to boost engagement levels through understanding exactly what consumers require, and how they connect with desired names.

Facebook Messenger chatbots, for instance, are used by many brands. These names interact with their customers to help answer questions, share news, along with provide recommendations and highlight relevant products.

Available 24/7, chatbots can help answer questions instantaneously and, provided they are programmed well, assist in making “very personalised recommendations that further enhances brand-customer interaction”.

This software is also “helping to improve the customer experience as they are not interruptive unlike sales telecalls; customers can choose when and where to interact with chatbots”​, Mazumdar relayed.

Customised interaction

Machine learning and artificial intelligence enable chatbots to be programmed to interact

with customers in a personalised manner that gives consumers the impression of customised dialogue, true understanding, and therefore, brand loyalty.

Using the example of a Sephora chatbot,  Mazumdar highlighted that when two customers engage, the “interaction path and pattern would be different and the chatbot would make personalised recommendations to the customer depending on their demography, interests, and market trends”.​ This, as a result, has a positive impact on brand affinity, loyalty and sales.

Through 2018, customer experience (CX) tools are expected to become “smarter through artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms; faster and more reliable through integration with cloud computing”,​ concluded Mazumdar.

In-cosmetics Asia

Prantik Mazumdar is presenting in the Marketing Trends Theatre at in-cosmetics Asia, which takes place from 31 October – 2 November 2017.

His presentation, entitled ‘Improve customer experience (CX) through chatbots and mobile chat apps’ will discuss integrated mobile to improve your customer’s experience and drive profitable growth in your business.

To find out more or to register to attend the exhibition, visit asia.in-cosmetics.com 

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