‘Waterless’ make-up remover sees potential in Asia’s natural beauty space

By Amanda Lim

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Italian cotton wool producer Turati Idrofilo S.p.A. believes it can shake up Asia’ natural beauty market with its dry make-up removers. ©Turati Idrofilo S.p.A.
Italian cotton wool producer Turati Idrofilo S.p.A. believes it can shake up Asia’ natural beauty market with its dry make-up removers. ©Turati Idrofilo S.p.A.
Italian cotton wool producer Turati Idrofilo S.p.A. believes it can shake up Asia’s natural beauty market with its dry make-up removers.

Cotton Plus Solution 2-in-1 is made out of pure cotton with an all-natural cleanser embedded in the centre that is activated with a few drops of water.

SEA expansion

In Asia, it is currently available in Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam and Korea, where it enjoys healthy sales.

The company is now eager to expand further into Asia with its product.

“Asia is fast becoming the number one continent for the beauty industry. Demand for premium products is increasing given that consumers are very careful to select the best for their own skin. We strongly believe in this region for this amazing product. There is nothing like it in the market,” ​said Marco D’Aquino, a representative of Turati Idrofilo S.p.A.

This year, the company participated in BeautyAsia 2019, a trade show held in Singapore, to find distributors in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

“The interest from consumers for this patented technology was remarkable. We need to find someone with a strong distribution base to get the product across local stores,” ​said D’Aquino


D’Aquino said Cotton Plus Solution 2-in-1 was a “game changer” and claimed the product was the first of its kind.

“It doesn’t need anything else besides a drop of water to remove the make-up. Nowadays, everybody is in a rush so having a one-step solution with this cleanser is truly a game changer for consumers.”

Turati Idrofilo S.p.A. first set out to solve the personal care industry’s over-reliance on water.

According to D’Aquino, a packet of conventional wet make-up removers can contain 100 grams of water.

Not only is it more sustainable, being waterless means it does not need preservatives, alcohol or other ingredients that consumers tend to avoid.

“It’s not just the safest choice for the consumer, but the best choice for the planet,” ​said D’Aquino.

With its patented technology, the product does not dry out once opened. It also maintains its properties until it is activated with water.

D’Aquino added that the product does not need additional rinsing and can also condition the skin.

“Our product development team worked tirelessly to develop this dry formula which is water activated, doesn’t damage the skin and prevents ageing.

“Laboratory tests have certified that Cotton Plus Solution 2-in-1 does not burn the eyes and irritate the skin. It also does not need rinsing. After usage, the skin will be perfectly clean, soft, hydrated and will not even need post cleansing creams.”

Elevating an overlooked product

D'Aquino said that the make-up remover category was overlooked by consumers and hoped Turati Idrofilo S.p.A.’s innovative product would change that.

“Very often, they underestimate the importance of the make-up remover and use wet wipes for practical reasons, which are effective but aggressive. Poor quality products cause pore dilatation, making the skin more sensitive and increase its risk of exposure to irritation.

“Natural products are absolutely the way forward in the cosmetic industry. Consumers want to have a practical solution like wet wipes, but they want it to be natural.”

The company believes that Cotton Plus Solution 2-in-1 is the first ‘true’ innovation in many years.

“In the recent years there has been strong improvements in the make-up remover category thanks to micellar water but Cotton Plus Solution 2-in-1 is a true innovation globally,” ​said D’Aquino.

He added that the company was willing to share its product and was open to private label collaborations.

“The technology we patented is not exclusively for this product, but for the industrial invention. We want to expand this concept into different categories in particular for baby care. We want to deliver a product that doesn’t damage the skin of newborn baby and we are not far from that.”

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