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We round up of our most-read news pieces on packaging and design. ©Getty Images
We round up of our most-read news pieces on packaging and design. ©Getty Images
We round up of our most-read news pieces on packaging and design, featuring the latest trends in China, Pond’s efforts to attract millennial consumers and sustainability.

1 – How Pond’s reinvigorated its brand image to attract millennial beauty consumers

Unilever-owned Pond’s recently launched a successful campaign to increase its standing with millennial beauty consumers in Thailand.

The brand sought the help of creative agency Anthem which helped them to develop a limited edition unicorn-themed skin care range, Glitterglow.

Creative director of Anthem Singapore Spencer Ball explained that it was particularly important for Pond’s to refresh its image in Thailand because the brand was trying to target 7-Eleven shoppers.

“In Thailand, the young people are buying a lot of beauty products from 7-Eleven these days and Pond’s was missing out on all the sales as that channel tends to be dominated by the Korean players,”​ explained Ball.

2 – Colour is China's biggest design trend: Centdegrés highlights multi-sensory experience at Luxepack Shanghai

Creative agency Centdegrés collaborated with tradeshow Luxepack Shanghai to stage INKside Colours, a sensorial experience that explored the role of colour in China’s history and tapped into what it believes is China's number one design trend.

At last week's show, the agency unveiled six colours that hold special significance and symbolism to the Chinese culture.

“We collaborated with Coloro, which is backed by China Textile Information Center to create the palette. One of the goals of this division is to work with experts to dig into Chinese history and catalogue Chinese traditional colours,”​ said Matthieu Rochette-Schneider, general manager of Centdegrés China and South Asia.

3 – The future of packaging for beauty revealed: 4 top trends 2019

Mintel has announced four trends impacting the global packaging industry in 2019 and beyond, and they are all hot trends that are certainly defining beauty packaging​. We take a look in this Editor’s Spotlight.

Mintel is a leading market intelligence company, and its insights on packaging have been released in a free market report here: Mintel’s 2019 Global Packaging Trends.

The firm has picked out the following four top trends as defining packaging this year.

1. Connected Packaging: Multiple technologies are enabling brands to connect physical packaging to the virtual world.

2. Closing the Loop: Brands have an opportunity to differentiate and ride consumer awareness of recycling issues.

3. Reinventing the Box: With online shopping set to gain further popularity, brands must fully establish an e-commerce packaging strategy.

4. Plastic-Free: As the momentum behind plastic-free supermarket aisles grows, brands need to consider what packaging solutions can give them shelf space.

4 – Guatemalan designer shows how sustainable packaging can be done

I was intrigued to see an article I recently wrote about a Guatemalan designer creating sustainable packaging​ becoming one of the highest hitting on Cosmetics Design USA.

The article highlighted a packaging design by Elena Amato that was developed using bacterial cellulose sheets made from a mixture of natural and sustainable materials, providing a good alternative to plastic packaging for a wide variety of cosmetics and personal care products.

In this case, the design created a simple to produce aesthetically pleasing alternative to conventional plastic packaging that would be likely to please the ethical and sustainable requirements of an increasingly aware consumer, while also making the product look appealing.

And making it look good is crucial, as I will explain in a bit.

5 – Beauty Kitchen takes sustainability to the next level

UK brand Beauty Kitchen has taken sustainability and eco-friendly up a notch or two with its pioneering programme ‘Return. Refill. Repeat.’

The company founders have established the business on the principles that it is an effective, natural and sustainable beauty brand, with the claim that it is establishing the UK’s first zero waste sustainable beauty programme.

The scheme has been designed around a cradle-to-cradle model, taking retail sustainability one step further, but perhaps most importantly, at no extra cost to consumer.

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