Hot topics: Top 5 beauty and cosmetics stories trending on our socials right now

By Amanda Lim

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Top five stories trending on our socials. [Scent by SIX]
Top five stories trending on our socials. [Scent by SIX]

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In our round-up of the top five stories trending on our socials, we highlight the new product innovations from Shiseido, Scent by SIX, and Renovatio, as well as the new developments in China’s male beauty market.

1 – ‘Sleep is so near yet so far’: Scent by SIX unveils new collection to promote better sleep

Independent fragrance label Scent by SIX – set up by an ex-Givaudan exec – has launched a new scent collection to promote better sleep​ that contains scent technology developed by Takasago.

Scent by SIX is a Singaporean fragrance house founded by Jason Lee. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, SIX had redefined itself by making mental health a core focus for the brand. In late 2020, it launched the Hikaru collection which was designed to uplift and evoke happiness.

“[The Hikaru launch] was beyond our expectations. In fact, it has come close to the performance of our best seller 27F Biei… What’s important to note is that we see a good number of return customers for Hikaru. They claim that the scent had indeed uplifted them. One customer even suggested we arrange for a long-term subscription program for him,”​ Lee told CosmeticsDesign-Asia.

This September, the company will be following up with a new collection designed to help people get a good night’s sleep and fulfil the brand’s mission to “to champion mental wellness”.

2 – Activated apples: Biotech firm Renovatio claims new APSKIN products have retinol-like effects ‘without the downsides’

Australian firm Renovatio Bioscience has launched two new cosmetic products with an enhanced formula that it believes can rival retinol products in terms of efficacy​ without the tricky side effects.

Renovatio was founded in 2016 and has a range of health, wellness and beauty cosmetic products that contain activated phenolics extracted from apples.

This ingredient is extracted using a technique developed by Renovatio founder and technical director Dr Vincent Candrawinata, which extracts the phenolic antioxidants with water. The result is an antioxidant that is water-based and not chemically synthesised.

The company offers cosmetic products under the APSKIN brand which previously consisted of a single skin cream. The latest products to join this August are the APSKIN Face Ultra Antioxidant Cream and Body Ultra Antioxidant Cream.

3 – Strength in skin care: China’s media crackdown on ‘sissy idols’ unlikely to have large effect on robust men’s category

Awareness on the importance of skin care among men is likely to protect the male beauty category​ from the recent media crackdown China has mandated against those who do not fit into the masculine stereotype.

On September 2​, Chinese authorities published new guidelines for radio, television, and Internet platforms, calling for broadcasters and Internet platforms to “strictly control the selection of programme actors and guests, by making sure they have a correct political stance, good conduct, high artistic level and strong social credit.”

The National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) effectively called a boycott of effeminate men – or ‘sissy idols’ as part of ongoing plans to “clean up” the entertainment industry.

The statement said broadcasters must “resolutely put an end to [effeminate men] and other abnormal aesthetics” ​as they do not fit what Beijing has deemed to be traditionally masculine.

4 – Mask-proof lip gloss? Maquillage launches new transfer-resistant product featuring Shiseido’s latest tech

Shiseido-owned make-up brand Maquillage has launched a new lip product featuring new technology that makes it transfer resistant despite its glossy finish.

Maquillage Dramatic Lip Tint is scheduled to debut on October 21 with five shades that retail for JPY2,300 (U$21).

The newest product was developed in response to the increased use of protective face masks, which caused a devastating blow to lipstick sales in the past 18 months or so.

“Due to COVID-19, consumers' values and behaviours around the world are changing dramatically. Reflecting such changes, there is increased awareness of health and skincare, while at the same time frequencies to use make-up like lipstick are decreasing as people go out less and wear masks,”​ remarked Masahiko Uotani, CEO of Shiseido, last year.

5 – ‘A new philosophy’: Microbiome-friendly solutions key to filling gaps in Asia’s adult acne care market

Microbiome-friendly skin care may be what’s missing from Asia’s adult acne care market where gentle solutions for acne-prone sensitive skin is lacking​.

Acne typically occurs among teenagers during puberty, but it can also occur in adulthood.

“When it comes to acne, it’s important to note that it does not just affect the younger generation, the teenager, but it also affects adults in their 20s or 30s. For them, acne can be different from teens. It can be in the form of non-inflammatory lesions, such as blackheads and whiteheads,”​ said Federica Lam, regional marketing manager of Lucas Meyers Cosmetics.

Despite the growing number of adult acne cases, which are driven by lifestyle and environment changes, there appears to be a lack of solutions to deal with this persistent problem.

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