Smooth operator: Kao’s fine fibre tech able to smoothen appearance of skin when applied under make-up

By Amanda Lim

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Ka has conducted a new study on the make-up application of its fine fibre technology. [Kao Corp]
Ka has conducted a new study on the make-up application of its fine fibre technology. [Kao Corp]

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Kao Corporation has conducted a new study on the colour cosmetics application of its fine fibre technology, confirming that is able to smoothen the appearance of skin naturally when applied all over the skin under make-up.

The Japanese personal care conglomerate first announced the development of its fine fibre technology in 2018​. Collaborating with tech firm Panasonic, it developed a handheld electrospinning device that dispenses a polymer solution as a thin, barely visible membrane on the skin.

This layer can act as a moisture barrier to keep skin hydrated while still allowing it to breathe. Based on this, Kao launched​ its first fine fibre tech-based skin care products under brands SENSAI and est.

In 2020, the company announced that it had begun to explore the application of fine fibre technology in colour cosmetics.

One study showed that the application of fine fibre tech could enhance the coverage of make-up, potentially making it easier to conceal dark spots and patches on the skin.

In its latest experiment, Kao explored the use of fine fibre in conjunction with face make-up to smoothen the surface of the skin.

The skin’s texture is not uniform and even with make-up, can appear rough and uneven. Most use make-up to correct this, but as Kao points out, it can accentuate the uneven texture.

“In order to make the skin look smooth… it’s necessary to even out the irregularities of the skin [surface]. But if you try to cover the unevenness with base makeup, the make-up will be thickly applied, and the finish will be unnatural.”

The company said the application of the fine fibre membrane before make-up could even out the appearance of the skin naturally.

To evaluate the smoothness, Kao employed the use of its skin analysis programme, Kirei Skin AI.

In January 2021, Kao announced that it had developed Kirei Skin AI, which is able to “objectively and quantitatively evaluate the appearance of the skin”​ through artificial intelligence.

Furthermore, the programme has also learnt to analyse the texture and appearance of skin from Kao’s panel of “specialist judges” ​and is able to predict the evaluation of the professional judges.

According to Kao, Kirei Skin AI evaluations showed that the skin was smoother when the fine fibre veil was applied before make-up.

Additionally, recruited 30 Japanese women aged 30 to 54 years old to test this method for two weeks.

The post-experiment survey showed that 90% of subjects thought their skin looked smoother and their pores were more inconspicuous.

They also commented that this application method made them more confident in their skin as they “felt better”​ looking in the mirror and were “looking forward” ​to meet people.

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