Skin science: Top five stories on cosmetics science and formulation

By Amanda Lim

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[LG H&H]
[LG H&H]

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We dive into our most-read stories on formulation and science, featuring new lip care and makeup technologies from Shiseido, LG Household & Health Care, and Perfect Diary.

LG H&H plans to launch Lipcerin lip care across 16 beauty brands by end 2023

K-beauty giant LG Household & Health Care (LG H&H) has revealed that 16 of its brands will launch new lip care products with its latest Lipcerin complex by the end of this year.

Lipcerin is a third-generation complex that contains glycerine and claims to improve the five major problems of lip skin: dead skin cells, wrinkles, moisture, elasticity, and shine.

The firm developed Lipcerin over five years, using research obtained from analysing lip image data of 57,000 East Asians.

Perfect Diary launches lipstick that can ‘reduce fine lines by over 50%’

Perfect Diary has launched a lipstick that claims have built-on lip essence and lip mask benefits thanks to its latest patented “bio film” technology.

The Bio Film Essence Lipstick was described as “the brand's first innovative lipstick product that combines lipstick makeup effects, lip essence functions and lip mask”.

The lipstick features a pomegranate peptide complex, which the firm claims can “deeply plump the lip skin and make the lip skin glow with health and vitality”. 

Shiseido’s latest ‘Water Sensing’ colour tech to debut with Maquillage in November

Shiseido is set to debut a new range of Maquillage lipsticks developed with its new Water Sensing Technology that combines transfer-resistant colour and comfort.

The upcoming product was designed with Shiseido’s new Water Sensing Technology, which was developed to meet current consumer demands for lipstick.

According to the firm's survey results, consumers have identified moisturisation ability, glossiness, and transfer resistance as their top priorities in an ideal lipstick that would give the ‘dewy lip’ look.


Natto-derived functional ingredient shows multiple skin care benefits and stability for cosmetic applications – study

A functional food ingredient derived from natto has demonstrated its effects on preventing age spots, enhancing skin tone, and improving fine lines among other benefits, say Japanese researchers.

Natto is a traditional Japanese dish consisting of fermented soybeans and is known for its dense nutritional content.

Daiwa Pharmaceutical developed a functional food ingredient called bacillus natto productive protein (BNPP) and produced under the trade name NKCP.

South Korean cosmetics firm to accelerate functional application of antioxidant-rich Jeju green tangerine

A trio South Korean cosmetic players have signed an agreement to transfer manufacturing technology for a compound derived from the Jeju green tangerine.

The Jeju green tangerine has reportedly been underutilised compared to its high antioxidant functionality.

Jeju Technopark Biodiversity Research Institute found that the antioxidant functionality of two flavonoid compounds derived from green tangerine extract is twice that of vitamin C.

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