Hong Kong-based SkinCure Asia introduces its first in-house brand with patented Antarcticine formula

By Hazel Tang

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7 Journeys products © SkinCure Asia
7 Journeys products © SkinCure Asia

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Hong Kong cosmetics distributor SkinCure Asia is set to debut its first in-house brand with the launch of 7 Journeys in January.

7 Journeys encompassed a range of skin care essentials, including an eye cream and moisturiser priced at USD45 and USD55 respectively, that are made from Acai berries.

Additionally, the line also features a selection of serums and serum masks, priced between USD50 and USD55. 

It features a hero ingredient sourced from Antarctica, known as antarcticine. It is a glycoprotein obtained through biotechnology from the marine bacterium strain Pseudoalteromonas Antarctica NF3​. 

In its natural environment, antarcticine acts as a protective shield for bacteria, enabling them to endure harsh conditions and extremely cold temperatures for continued vitality.

When incorporated into skin care products, antarcticine proves beneficial by aiding in tissue restructuring and regeneration.

Antarcticine is known for its properties in boosting elastin and collagen while providing optimal hydration and it has been patented in Barcelona, Spain, the home country of SkinCure Asia’s Founder and CEO, Sharina Amarnani.

Amarnani said that they have the necessary resources for internal research, development, and manufacturing processes of 7 Journeys products.

At the same time, she also shares that there may be instances where the company will collaborate with external parties to outsource certain procedures. SkinCure Asia did not disclose who they may be.

“I resonated with antarcticine immediately because of where it was patented,” ​Amarnani ​told CosmesticsDesign Asia.

“We made at least 60 to 70 changes over the course of two years before finalising the current formulation. We then tested it on a diverse range of skin types for the subsequent eight months.”

In-house brand won’t impact other product distributions

The introduction of 7 Journeys is anticipated to have no impact on the distribution of other skin care and cosmetic products under SkinCure Asia.

“Amidst the plethora of products out there, there is a persistent sense among consumers that something is lacking or not quite right. In my case, my dissatisfaction stems from my inability to help my mother-in-law who suffered a severe burn.”

Despite Amarnani extensive knowledge in skin care and the fact that she had started pursing a diploma in cosmetic science, finding a suitable remedy to lighten the burn mark proved challenging.

“The burn left a red patch on my mother-in-law’s leg. We tried various products, but we just couldn’t find a way to lighten it. It was frustrating. I have studied skin care for most part of my life and built SkinCure Asia and yet, I couldn’t find something to help my family.”

This personal struggle became the catalyst for Amarnani to focus on creating a product that goes beyond mere pigmentation reduction but also hydrates and add radiance to the skin.

The word ‘cure’ is embedded in our company name, so we want to see visible transformations on our face and body. For this range of 7 Journeys products, we observed a remarkable shift in collagen levels, escalating from 36% on the 7th​ day to a staggering 81% on by the 15th​ day. It’s game-changing.”

“Our skin experiences a lot of changes as we age. We believe 7 Journeys encapsulates the essence of SkinCure’s philosophe, where skin care is viewed as a personalised, ongoing journey rather than a one-time fix.”

As SkinCure is born and based in Hong Kong, 7 Journeys has kick-started its marketing effort in the city.

“We have started putting up advertisement on eleven minibuses and two big buses in Hong Kong. Simultaneously, we are gearing up for international appearances, starting with Cosmoprof North America in Miami, followed by events in Italy, the UK, and Turkey.”

“For Asia, collaborations are underway with a partner in India. The Philippines has also expressed keen interest and discussions are ongoing for potential distributors in Singapore and Australia.

Let the product speaks for itself

Like other products within SkinCure Asia’s distribution, 7 Journeys is currently undergoing the certification process to be recognised as suitable for use by vegetarians and vegans.

Amarnani acknowledges the challenges of the skin care industry, but she also believes that a genuinely effective product will speak for itself.

She recalls at this year’s CosmoProf Asia, 7 Journeys’ sheet masks were freely distributed, catching the attention of a member of the US Consulate who later requested for ten more after using them for two consecutive days.

The consulate member expressed genuine appreciation and eagerly shared her positive experience, leading to anticipation among her colleagues to be the first customers upon the official launch of the brand.

“Word of mouth is truly powerful. I am sure many would understand that. So, the real competition lies in whether you can get those positive words out from your customers.”

“For us, we ensure 7 Journeys are created for our customers – effective, thin, less oily, and absorb fast – all these are qualities that will appeal.”

All 7 Journeys products are currently available only on SkinCure Asia’s official site. After the brand’s official launch in January 2024, they will also be available on HKTV Mall.

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