24 hour beauty part I: Pollution is top concern for beauty consumers

By Natasha Spencer

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24 hour beauty and pollution

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As APAC consumers demand additional beauty solutions that last throughout the day and night, we spoke to Sharon Kwek, Senior Beauty and Personal Care Innovation and Insight Analyst at Mintel about the current beauty landscape and how cosmetics producers are adapting their beauty ranges to tackle pollution concerns.  

“The concept of Beauty Round the Clock caters to consumers’ everyday needs at different times of the day, just like how we have morning and night cream because we believe our skin condition varies over the course of 24 hours,”​ said Sharon Kwek, Senior Beauty and Personal Care Innovation and Insight Analyst at Mintel.

Striking out

There are some notable differences between APAC’s beauty around the clock trend compared to its US and European counterparts’ preferences.  

“Consumers in Asia are known to take multi-steps in their skincare regime”​, Kwek highlighted, whereas “western markets want to simplify their routine to use as few products as possible”.

“While Asian consumers will turn to different products for additional solutions, consumers in the western markets will be looking at products that can multi-task and last throughout the day, making the skincare process quick and easy,”​ Kwek explained.  

This, therefore, influences the types of products launched in APAC and the beneficial claims that it will purport to provide.

“To a certain extent, consumers are increasing their grooming routine but on the flip side, we are also seeing more high-level multi-functional products that can multi-task. These products offer consumers round the clock solutions without the need for top-ups,”​ added Kwek.

Pollution protection on demand

Of those asked, Mintel’s report stated that “38% of Chinese consumers say that the environment (eg pollution, UV rays, water quality) is a major cause for hair damage”​. As such, “20% of Chinese consumers would be willing to pay more for soap, bath and shower products that contain SPF”.

As these concerns coincide with the popular skin whitening trend, “61% of Chinese consumers would like to have whiter body skin and 47% would like to have fewer acne marks and freckles”.

This protection from UV and pollution starts from the minute consumers wake up and APAC companies are now focusing on developing products that combine the multifunctional trend with beauty solutions that last longer.

Japan-based Saborino has developed Morning Facial Mask Minty Grapefruit, a 3-in-1 sheet mask that claims not only to cleanse, moisturise and act as a make up primer but also completes the full routine in one minute.

Jay Hair Coat UV Protection Serum, created in Thailand, takes the consumer from bathroom to work as it targets commuters with its hair care product. The new formula, which contains sakura, avocado, sunflower seed, seaweed and camellia leaf extracts, also has a type of silicone that has been designed and included to offer hair care protection from heat styling, sunlight and pollutants.

Hanskin, a leading South Korean cosmetics brands, has launched City Cream, a PM2.5 repulsive powder formulation which contains positive ions that act as a magnet to the negative ions on the skin, to repel fine dust.

Come rain or shine

The sunscreen sector within APAC is also showing positive growth, with 40% of Chinese consumers using sun care products; up from 34% in 2015.

As 44% of Chinese women stated that they are adding steps such as lunchtime treatments and wearing suncare at any time to improve their skin, this indicates consumers’ belief in the positive relationship between comprehensive beauty regimes and skin improvement.

Lion Emeron decided to tackle the hand and body lotion market with its range of  Lovely Naturals Refreshing Skin Almond Oil Hand & Body Lotion that acts as a sunscreen to offer protection from sun rays and air pollution.

Covering all bases

A number of brands have produced multifunctional and creative ranges that address the needs of colour cosmetic-loving consumers in APAC and complement beauty regimes.

Attenir UV Protect Powder SPF 50+ PA++++ is a Japanese product that contains lutein, algae extract, super hyaluronic acid, stearyl glycyrrhetinate and green tea leaf extract to create an ultra fine powder that reduces the effects of blue light, air pollution, dryness, inflammation and oxidation on the skin.

Australian cosmetics and skin care retailer, Innoxa, has produced a pollution protect foundation in SPF 20 that claims to have anti-ageing and hydration properties that protect the skin from the environment.  

Brands are also focusing on hair care products that are both convenient and effective in protecting consumers from pollution. Oriental Princess, an online beauty store that sells cosmetics, face care, hair care and perfumery lines, launched its Story of Happiness  Frangipani Bouquet Hair Cologne The portable application has been formulated with nutritive coating benefits that claim to freshen and revive pollution-damaged hair.

The second instalment of this article will be published on 21st December 2016.

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