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How to master the forward-thinking approach, according to Azelis

By Natasha Spencer

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How to master the forward-thinking approach, according to Azelis
Innovation and technology are key components to bolster the impact and efficacy of ingredient usage. We caught up with Jane Zhang, Head of Personal Care in China, Azelis to talk through Azelis’ strategic plans.

Azelis recently took the active ingredient award​ at the recent PCHi event in Shanghai, China for its Tagra CelluCaps C active ingredient.

1. Why do you think your Tagra CelluCaps C active ingredient took the innovation award for the fourth year in a row?

At Azelis, we encourage entrepreneurial thinking in every area of our business. We focus on innovation and always strive to provide cutting-edge solutions to our customers.

Our suppliers are leading global manufacturers and the high-quality ingredients delivered by our principals aids Azelis’ success. We employ some of the industry’s best experts, who all have degrees in the areas they cover as well as years of experience in this market sector, often in international businesses.

All of this together produces a unique combination of passion, dedication and courage to try new things – a combination that is clearly appreciated in the industry.

2. Why does it resonate so strongly with Chinese and APAC consumers?

Whitening and anti-ageing are the two main trends that have a growing demand in China and APAC. With Tagra’s technology, consumers can easily achieve their dream.

There is not anything currently with the same technology but there are other encapsulation systems on the market. Our target customer audiences are cosmetic companies, OEM/ODM manufacturers and DIY consumers.

3. How is Azelis strengthening its presence in China?

Personal Care in China is a significant growth opportunity for Azelis and recent partnerships with market leading manufacturers help to reinforce Azelis' overall position in Asia-Pacific as a leading distributor of speciality chemicals.

Azelis has a Personal Care application laboratory in China and offers the Chinese market local support through formulation development, analysis of products and technical training. Azelis Personal Care won the 2018 Cosmetics Fountain Innovation Award at PCHi exhibition (China) for the fourth consecutive year, as well as the Product Innovation Award at Ringier Technology Innovation Awards (China). These awards are evidence of how Azelis is developing innovative solutions for the personal care market.

4. What's next on your strategic agenda?

The Azelis strategy is to balance organic growth and carefully selected strategic acquisitions. This same strategy is applied to the Asia-Pacific region where we are focusing on organic growth. We do this by bringing mandates from key strategic principals in Americas & EMEA and invest heavily in new technical and commercial resources that will focus on the principal range.

In addition, we leverage the knowledge from the international network, allowing us to set ambitious growth targets and deliver results. We are committed to bringing the success from other regions into Asia-Pacific and our key partners recognise and value this effort, trusting us with more mandates in the region.

Innovation is also high on our agenda, providing high-quality technical expertise and enabling our customers to remain or become market leaders through innovative solutions. Helping our customers formulate has been an important differentiator for Azelis.

We know that this can only be achieved by having the right people in the right places. This is why we place so much focus on having the best people in the industry who know their respective industries, have years of experience, often in good international businesses, who are well connected with customers, know and follow the trends, and understand the materials from our suppliers inside-out.

People are the most important asset at Azelis – we may be a chemical distributor but we work with people and it is the people who make the difference.

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